• India's 3rd Largest Tractor Company

    • More than 12% market share in India
    • More than 50% increase in market share in last 4 years

    Sonalika ITL provides a comprehensive product line including tractors, engines and farm equipment. It produces best selling tractors between 20 HP to 110 HP and has a integrated tractor manufacturing plant to cater to the needs of domestic as well as international farmers. With a 12% market share, the company has been able to achieve 50% market share growth in the last 4 years. Sonalika ITL with its 'Customer centric' approach and an endeavor to manufacture world class products, fulfills all the needs of the agriculture community and has aggressive expansion plans to tap other territories globally.

  • Farmer's No. 1 Choice Trusted By Over 8 Lakh Globa

    • Range of tractors suitable for farmers looking for quality and technology.
    • Committed for a flawless post purchase service

    Sonalika ITL with its 'Customer centric' approach endeavor's to manufacture world class products. The company's unique ability to understand the needs of the agriculture community helps them to offer innovative and customized products. Sonalika ITL is committed in providing impeccable post sales services through its large competent and experienced after sales service team. The products are a boon for farmers earning their trust as the tractors can operate heavier & bigger implements in all types of soil conditions. The tractors are designed to work in diverse geographies and on a wide variety of crops, thus making Sonalika ITL a trusted brand amongst farmers across the globe. The products are highly fuel efficient while covering larger area enabling the farmers to earn more and save more, further reposing their trust in the brand.

  • India's 20-120 HP Heavy Duty Tractor Range

    • Vast range of 20-120 HP heavy duty tractors
    • Most powerful tractors in their category
    • Robust Built

    Sonalika ITL products are among the most powerful tractors which have high torque backup with high fuel efficiency. These tractors are known for longer life with minimum maintenance. The Company in International market is well known as Solis, in domestic market it offers four different categories of tractors i.e DI, RX, Worldtrac, GardenTrac. The Company is also known for its powerful engines and has introduced revolutionary 90 HP tractor range for the first time.

    DI Series- Ranging from 30 to 60 HP, this series is strong and fuel efficient and is ideal for value for money customers looking for ruggedness and functional tractors.

    Rx Series- Ranging from 39 to 60 HP, this series is strong and fuel efficient and is ideal for customers looking for modern styling and enhanced features like OIB, DC, PS.

    Gardentrac Series- Ranging below 30 HP, this series is specially developed for orchards and row crops. Ideal for inter-cultivation, spraying and weeding. Suitable for vineyards, orchards, and row crops like cotton, ground nut and sugarcane.

    WorldTrac Series- Ranging from 60 to 120 HP range, a technological marvel with advanced features like Synchromesh Gearbox, Independent PTO, AC cabin. Options of MFWD and multipurpose selective DC valve.

  • World's No.1 Plant With 3 Lakh Production Capacity

    • World Class state-of-the-art integrated tractor manufacturing plant
    • Annual production capacity of approximately 3 Lakh tractors

    Sonalika ITL boasts of Sonalika World Plant, a state-of-the-art integrated tractor manufacturing plant. Strategically located in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, the plant has a production capacity of around 3 lakh tractors annually with approximately 2 minute of roll out time for each tractor. The world class integrated manufacturing plant offers all facilities from engine to assembly, under one roof manufacturing everything from sheet plastics, sheet metals, transmission, engines to the whole tractor. The robotic paint facility for base and top coat has been introduced for the first time in India by an Indian tractor company. The new plant will efficiently meet the ever growing demand and shorten the availability time of tractors across markets while providing standardized quality. Its R&D center is equipped with highly skilled and experienced manpower who have developed product platforms ranging from 20 to 120HP catering to domestic & international markets.

  • Presence In Over 100 Countries

    • Export to more than 100 countries across the globe
    • Presence in 20 European countries

    Sonalika ITL is a trusted brand by 6 lacs patrons globally. In order to cater to the demands of global markets, Sonalika ITL introduced the brand Solis in 2012. It understands the needs of the agriculture community by offering reliable, innovative and customized products. The company has come a long way internationally, from their first export order in 2010 for Cameroon, today Sonalika ITL has its presence in more than 20 European countries with assembly plants in Nigeria, Algeria, Argentina, Cameroon. The tractors which are solely manufactured in India are exported massively to European, American and African nations which truly signifies the spirit of Make in India vision of Mr. Narendra Modi. Sonalika ITL has strategic partnerships with leading international companies and is currently developing a new platform to manufacture 90 HP CRDI tractors. It is also planning to introduce 110-120 HP category products. Sonalika ITL has always focused on customers and is committed to provide dedicated post sales services through its large competent & experienced after sales service team. Going forward, Sonalika ITL continues with the spirit to explore unchartered territories and has aggressive plans to capture new avenues globally.