Sonalika International Tractors Ltd. has an in-house engineering and development capabilities with world-class infrastructure and technologies supported by the high level of backward integration. The quality of the output is because of the highly professional and skilled manpower, with their core as xost effectiveness. Thus the manufacturing plant provides a complete solution to “Total Customer Satisfaction”.

Heavy Machine Shop

In Heavy Machine Shop all major components of Tractors are machined. These are

  • Crank Case
  • Differential Housing
  • Gear Box Housing
  • Clutch Housing
  • Trumpet Housing

This infrastructure is equipped with the advanced CNC Machining Centers, Special Purpose and General Purpose Machines. All the components are thoroughly checked and inspected for its geometrical accuracy on the imported 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine. This ensures that any component that goes into tractor is a ‘Zero Defect’, long-lasting and a heavy duty component.

Engine Assembly

Our Engine Assembly line uses the best available technology to ensure that these "Power Houses" of tractors delivers the most when they are needed the most. The State-of-the Art assembly line for Engines is one of the best lines fitted with high quality automated slat conveyor system having various safeties and DC Multi Nut Runner systems on the different stages which ensures consistent and zero defect production.

Tractor Assembly

International Tractors Ltd. has tractor assembly line equipped with capacity of 3 lack tractors and engines per year. The plant has in house facilities for producing transmission hydraulic components and engines. To further enhance the quality of Tractors, Gears, Shafts and other important components are manufacturers in house and are tested on high end testing facilities. In addition to this with the growing demand of tractors globally, Sonalika group has come up with the a state-of-the-art integrated tractor manufacturing plant. The Sonalika World Plant, as it is called, has the maximum annual production capacity of approximately 3 Lakh tractor with a roll out time of around 2 minutes.

Light Machine Shop

Light Machine Shop is where we manufacture sophisticated Control Valves for high pressure (200 Bar) Tractor applications with Hardened (60HRC) Bush and Spools for prolonged service life. This infrastructure have capabilities to Design, Develop and Manufacture complete Hydraulic Assemblies for Tractor applications of Lift Capacity upto 3000 Kgs and Flow rates upto 45 LPM.

Components Manufactures in Light Machine Shop

  • Control Valve
  • CompositeValve
  • Feathering Valve
  • Relief Valve
  • Release Valve
  • Hardened Alloy Steel Bush & Spool Assemblies.

Gear & Heat Treatment

Having World Class manufacturing facilities to deliver best quality of transmission gears, shafts & assemblies for automobile and tractor applications. The Facility delivers all types of gears & shafts like Main Shafts, Lay shafts, Input Shafts, Synchromesh Gears, Gears with Dog Teeth, Shifter Sleeves, Synchro Hubs & Cones.

Press Shop

Stamping facility is equipped with Ultra modern presses from internationally renowned suppliers. This facility delivers all type of sheet metal components i.e. Skin Panels, Inner panels, Floor Panels, Pillars, Reinforcements, Cross Members, Oil Pans, Fuel tanks etc. It includes

R & D

Sonalika is equipped with an Research & Development Department which has more than 300 specialist engineers and most updated technology to provide customized solutions to our customers.

The main thrust of the R&D function is to accelerate innovation and maximize the value of each product designed to provide economic benefit to customers at large. The highly skilled and experienced man power develop products ranging from 20-120HP catering to both domestic and international markets.

R&D department has an in-house testing facility for all the parts to ensure 100% quality. Equipped with the most updated technology it provides solutions by creating a real time situation to understand the problem. And, then taking into account other factors like the terrain and geography in which it is used, the product is redesigned to suit the customer’s specific needs. Further, the R&D department works in coordination with the production department to ensure smooth transition of technology from design department to assembly line production.


International Tractors Ltd. R & D setup is recognized by Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Ultra modern R&D facilities capable of Designing, Developing and Testing of components equipped with the following designing & Analyzing Facilities

Design Facilities

  • Ideas Nx & CATIA Software

  • Product Design Package + Surfacing Set

  • Power Mill 3-Axis CAM software

  • Ideas to UG Software

  • Metaphase

  • Auto CAD

  • CAE Software for Analysis of Design.

  • Team Center module being used in management techniques

Proto Shop Facilities

The designs thus produced are actually manufactured in the Proto Shop which is equipped with the Following:-

  • Horizontal Machining Centre HMC-500m

  • Vertical Machining Centre VMC-600m

Testing Facilities

  • Transmission Test beds

  • Testing Rigs

  • MGR Test Track

  • Endurance Test Rigs for Engine

  • Field Testing

Training Center

Sonalika’s Product Training Centre is dedicated to provide World class training to thousands of Dealers, Dealers' staff, Company staff and visiting farmers since beginning. Dealers and company personnel go through a rigorous training program on induction that is also supplemented by refresher courses and special courses for new products & product improvements. All courses are normally conducted at the Training centre with frequent field courses conducted as per the need in the different regions of India and Abroad.

Sonalika Product Training Centre plays a key role in educating students during industrial visits, foreign visitors and farmers on farm mechanization and economical use of the tractors to increase the agriculture production.