Sonalika DI 750 III

Radiator Overflow Reservoir

No need to fill coolant again & again

Dry type Aircleaner with pre-cleaner & Clogging System

Easy to clean Clogging sensor indicator provided in instrument cluster helps in better maintenance of tractor

Dual Clutch with Reverse PTO

Suitable for PTO driven applications which require PTO running during declutching Reverse PTO clears clogging in reaper, thresher, etc.

Constantmesh Gearbox with side shift

Easy gear shifting More leg space Centre gear shifting lever also available in select markets

Oil Immersed Brakes

Higher Reliability Low maintenance Longer life of brake liners

4 Wheel Drive (Optional)

Better traction for sustaining heavier loads

Adjustable Front Axle (Optional)

Suitable for applications in row crops like potato which require adjustable track width

Power Steering (Optional)

easy operation & Operator comfort

Multipurpose Selective DC Valve

Single valve capable of working as single acting as well as double acting as per requirement Suitable for haulage & commercial applications




Wetland Cultivation




Post Harvest

Potato Cultivation (Planting & Digging)




DI 750 III
Make International Tractor Limited
HP Category 55 HP Category
No. of cylinders 4
Rated rpm 2000
Aircleaner Oil bath
Clutch Dual Clutch (Optnl: Single clutch)
Transmission type Constantmesh
No. of Gears 8F+2R
PTO 540 ( Rev PTO Optional)
Lift Capacity 2000 Kg
Brakes OIB
Steering Mechanical (Optnl: PS)
Fuel Tank/Tyre
Fuel tank capacity 55 Ltr
Front tyres 6.0x16 (PS : 7.5x16)
Rear tyres 14.9 x 28 (Optnl : 16.9x28)

I purchased a DI 750III tractor in 2010 and started with Tipping Trolley in Sand and other daily wages work. After that i realized that Sonalika Tractor consumes very less fuel comparison to John Deere and M&M Arjun. Till date i have not spend any mo

Mr. Bharat Singh


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