Chhatrapati Series:
Chhatrapati tractor Series is specially designed and customized for the farmers of Maharashtra. The Sonalika tractor model, Chhatrapati, fondly known as Emperor of the fields is equipped with advanced features suited for the soil conditions of Maharashtra. The series offer 2 models i.e DI 745III in 50 HP tractor category and DI 42 in 42 HP tractor category with maximum torque & pulling power, Best in class speed ensuring more productivity in less time, Ergo Steering with superior comfort and High Hydraulic lift capacity. These multi-utility garden tractors are best suited for both agriculture and haulage operations and are available in affordable tractor price.
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Product Highlights

50 HP Category

Bigger Radiator With Overflow Reservior

Single Clutch

Constant Mesh Gear Box

540 PTO