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Best Mileage Tractor in India-Sonalika MM-18

Posted On - 20 July, 2022
Category - Tractor

Are you looking for Best Mileage Tractor in India? Then, you came at right place. Tractor play an important role in the upliftment of the agricultural as well as construction sectors. Presently, there are a variety of tractors launched with modern technological solutions. For details about Best Mileage Tractor in India, we recommend you to head on this article till the end.

Mileage Tractors are manufactured by Sonalika in its world largest tractor manufacturing plant. Most importantly, features and specifications are most important things that need to be kept in mind while evaluating any Best Mileage Tractor in India. Features are something that are related to the physical as well as chemical characteristics. While, specifications refers to the measurements of components such as power, transmission, brake, torque, battery, tyres, etc.

Let us understand the basics about the Best Mileage Tractor in India. - Sonalika MM-18

Engine HP: If we talk about the HP, Sonalika MM-18 comes with 20 HP delivers maximum torque at rated 2300 RPM.

Heavy Duty Hydraulic: Loaded with heavy duty Hydraulic system, 800 Kg weight is the lifting ability making it Best Mileage Tractor in India.

Diesel Saving: Another remarkable feature to be noticed about the Best Mileage Tractor in India is its diesel consumption. With this regards, it is designed in such a way that it draws less diesel and offers smooth function.

Transmission type: Best Mileage Tractor in India MM-18 comes with the sliding Mesh transmission. There are 6 Front and 2 Rear gears with 540 PTO RPM.

Lift Capacity: Mileage tractor Sonalika MM-18 is suitable to lift the weight of around 800 Kg. This will reduce the farmer’s effort to load the heavy weights and also saves time. 

Brakes: In order to provide safety and better control, Oil immersed brakes are equipped into the Best Mileage Tractor in India to make sure the safe driving experience.

Steering: Mechanical Steering (also known as non-power steering) facilitates the drivers to drive the tractors with full control and safety.

Applications: As we know that Mileage tractors are equipped with excellent Power Take-Off. They are ideal for the quality farming and high productivity. All these possible by attaching the applications like trolley, rotavator, and leveller. Therefore, multi-functionality is also the characteristic of Best Mileage Tractor Sonalika MM-18.

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