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Best Mini Tractors in India

Posted On - 27 July, 2022
Category - Tractor

A Mini Tractor is the smallest yet utility tractor that support farmers in everyday farming operations. It is small in size and thus a mini tractor is also known as Chota Tractor. Ideally, the Chota Tractor is suitable for intercultivation, mowing, ploughing, puddling and pulling in small land area and orchards.

 A mini tractor is very strong to provide good lifting capacity and gives enough PTO power for operating implements during puddling, haulage and reaping. There are many mini tractor designed by Sonalika under 2WD and 4WD tractors and a farmer can choose a mini tractor as per size of farm and soil type requirements. A Chota tractor is a low HP tractor offered in the range of 15-30 HP engine capacity to increase farm productivity in less time and cost. Due to a small engine size, a mini tractor is also a light-weight tractor which is best for loamy and sandy soil type while offering high fuel efficiency. Manufacturers ensure that even the mini tractors are equipped with excellent features and specifications to make everyday farming easier.

 Sonalika is the No.1 tractor export brand with presence in more than 130 countries. It rolls out mini tractors as well as heavy duty tractors. Some of its Mini Tractor models are – Sonalika DI-20 Gardentrac, Sonalika DI-30 RX Baagban, Sonalika Tiger 26, Sonalika GT 22 PowerPlus, Sonalika DI 32 Baagban and Sonalika MM-18. These mini tractors come with bigger engines that possess more pulling capacity. Sonalika Mini Tractors also generate maximum torque that allow uniform and deep ploughing. Such mini tractors are equipped with Hydraulic Lift in range of 650-1000 Kg. With the varying high-end features and specifications, Sonalika Mini Tractor Price varies from one model to other.

 Sonalika offers compact premium range of tractors that are best suitable for grape farming in vineyards. Chota Tractors are compatible for varied applications such as rotavator, harrow, spraying, ploughing and trolley. This also makes them suitable for crops such as sugarcane, groundnuts, cotton, grapes and pomegranate. Sonalika Tractors offer best performance and thereby maximise farm productivity and income.

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