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How Sonalika Fuel Efficient Tractor is best for farmers?

Posted On - 10 December, 2022
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Fuel-efficient tractors are the farmer’s biggest partners that are powerful to make farming more economical and productive. Sonalika Tractors is India's No.1 tractor export brand known for its customized tractors under the 20-120 HP range carrying advanced features to meet a plethora of farm needs. 

Fuel-efficient tractors by Sonalika deliver unmatched performance while being lighter on pockets with utmost fuel efficiency which is mostly preferred by farmers for their farming operations. It also allows them to execute all kinds of farm jobs smoothly even on the toughest of Indian soil conditions.

Sonalika’s premium tractor - the ‘Tiger Series’ – now comes designed with CRDS Technology, complying with the advanced Trem stage IV norms announced by Govt. of India and Tiger CRDS is the best tractor that saves farmers’ expenditure on fuel purchase.

Let us explore some of the key features of fuel-efficient tractors by Sonalika that make them unique from other tractor brands. 

Designed in Europe and Made in India for farmer’s prosperity, Sonalika Tiger Series offers extremely powerful & fuel-efficient tractors that have been winning farmers across the length & breadth of India. The tractor range is ideal to meet the critical needs of farmers with its latest features as mentioned below


· POWERFUL ENGINE: The CRDS engine of the Tiger series produces tremendous power and torque at the right RPM that is easy to work on the hardest terrains easily while continuing to be a highly fuel-efficient tractor.

· EXCELLENT TRANSMISSION: The fuel-efficient Tiger CRDS tractor has a 12F+12R multi-speed transmission that allows smooth gear shifts, thus enabling farmers to cover a large area of ​​land as fast as possible.

· STRONG HYDRAULICS: The advanced 5G Hydraulics in Sonalika Tiger CRDS offers superior lift capacity which is strong enough to power a number of implements, thereby making farming easier.

· ADJUSTABLE SEAT: All the models of this fuel-efficient tractor have a 4-way adjustment feature in plush branded seats that allows farmers to switch seating postures at their convenience. 

· BRAKES: Oil Immersed Brakes enhance the farming experience as braking is more uniform and provides more stability to the tractor during sudden braking scenarios, which reduces extra expenses on its maintenance.

· STEERING WHEEL: The fuel-efficient tractor features a power steering wheel that assures reduce farmer fatigue as well as increased farmer’s work hours.

· HEADLAMPS: The twin barrel headlamps at the front side of Tiger CRDS allow an adequate amount of light for better visibility even during longer night operations.



Sonalika Tiger CRDS is a fuel-efficient tractor that has also been ‘Designed in Europe’ to offer the twin benefit of power and fuel efficiency. It rules various farms with different soil types and its premium features allow farmers to squeeze the best performance:


1. HIGHER POWER: The entire tractor range of Sonalika is equipped with HDM engines that offer higher power. Tiger CRDS is also among the most powerful tractor by Sonalika which is a great package of better speed and torque as well. With a fuel-efficient tractor like Tiger CRDS, a farmer can make farm tasks more efficient and economical.

2. SUPERIOR FUEL-EFFICIENCY: The most significant advantage one can have with the fuel-efficient tractor is its ability to deliver superior 8-10% fuel efficiency along with powerful performance. This superior feature of the Tiger CRDS makes it the best fit for daily farming and haulage operations. 

3. HIGHER ENGINE DURABILITY: The CRDS engine by Sonalika is 12-15% more durable than many other tractors in the similar segment which in return, reduces the farmer’s time and effort to be used during its maintenance.

4. TREM IV STAGE COMPLIANT: Tiger CRDS fuel efficient tractor is designed to comply with Trem Stage IV norms with its CRDS technology that reduces harmful emissions into the air and establishes a greener & cleaner tomorrow for us.  

5. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: The design of the fuel-efficient tractor is versatile as it can match up with as many as 30+ implements easily that are used to grow various crops in India. Implements that can be paired with fuel-efficient tractors are Aero Tiller, 3 MB Plough, Rotavator, Power Harrow, Round Baler, Drilling RIG Attachment, and many others while it continues to be a highly fuel-efficient tractor.  



Sonalika Tractors is among the leading tractor brands in India that aim to make farming affordable for farmers with its advanced tractors under the 20-120 HP range. The entire ‘Tiger Series’ has been ‘Designed in Europe’ and includes highly fuel-efficient tractors. The advanced CRDS technology was introduced in India by Sonalika on the occasion of Kisan Diwas 2021 as a tribute to them and will eventually support the company in complying with Trem Stage IV norms across its entire tractor range in the future. The Tiger CRDS is highly efficient with twin benefits of economy & efficiency to handle farm works as well as haulage. With higher power from a durable engine, refined transmission, and heavy lift capacity while being 8-10% fuel efficient, Tiger CRDS is already changing the face of India's farming ecosystem and with such fuel-efficient tractors, Sonalika is moving fast toward the vision of ‘Leading Agri Evolution’.

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