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Maximise Your Farming Output with Sonalika Tractor's Advanced Technology

Posted On - 30 June, 2023
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Technology has become a strong game changer in every field and Sonalika Tractors is the frontrunner in innovating new age technologies for the world of agriculture. The widest tractor range of 1000+ variants in 20-120 HP and 70+ implements by Sonalika Tractors are fully customised with advanced technologies and developed with clear aim to maximize productivity in farms as well as income of farmers.

Sonalika’s vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, in Punjab is the world’s largest tractor plant and fully equipped with advanced robots and automation technology for best quality farm equipment. Here are some of the latest technological advancements in Sonalika’s tractors:

  1. Wheel Drive Variants: The main requirement for farming across the world is soil type which varies from region-to-region. For meeting the farmers’ expectations in various soil types, Sonalika has broadly classified its tractors under 2WD and 4WD variants from which farmers can choose tractors as per their soil and crop requirements. A 2WD tractor simplifies small-scale farming across rough & dry lands. Its short turning radius supports farmers to navigate through smaller areas with ease, thereby making farming more productive. The 4WD tractors are best for doing large scale farming in hard and wetlands. The power in 4x4 tractors goes to all 4 wheels that maximise the traction and ensure affordability in farming. Both 2WD and 4WD tractors by Sonalika Tractors are perfect to maximise the farm output with their unmatched performance on field.
  2. Engine: The most significant component of a tractor is the engine. It is designed to deliver speed and torque that are essential for best tractor performance as well as power the implements. At Sonalika Tractors, the engines of every tractor are powerful and they become more advanced when we move from low to high HP tractors. Sonalika’s mini and compact tractor range have bigger engines in the category and deliver unmatched performance during farming as well as haulage. Sonalika’s premium tractors under Sikander and Tiger Series come equipped with HDM+ engines that allow users to draw optimum torque at varied range. Taking its efforts to the new level altogether, the company has introduced a CRDS engine in its Tiger Series tractors under 65-75 HP range that complies with TREM Stage IV emission norms mandated by Govt. of India. As per the farmer’s feedback, the company keeps on updating its product range with technology features and also has developed 4D Air Cooling system that prevents the engine from overheating, thereby allowing it to function efficiently.
  3. Transmission: The advanced transmission system in tractors allows farmers to be more powerful and allows multiple speed and torque. The advancement in this feature makes its way to ensure ease during farming as well as haulage. The transmission type varies from model to model depending on their segments. Sonalika’s Tiger Series comes with 12+12 Shuttle Tech Multi Speed transmission, Constant Mesh transmission is equipped in Sonalika Sikander DI 745 III and Sonalika DI 734 is designed with Sliding Mesh type.
  4. Hydraulics: Hydraulic systems are essential in modern tractors as they deliver power for attachments such as MB ploughs, rotavators, cultivators and many others. Fully equipped with advanced hydraulic systems, Sonalika’s tractors have the potential to carry heavier loads and operate more efficiently while saving time and fuel. The company manufactures tractors with sensors that help monitor and regulate fluid flow, ensuring optimal performance and support modernisation of farm operations. In Sonalika’s premium tractors, users can take advantage of unique 5G Hydraulics and perform lifting operations in a modern style.
  5. Clutch: The clutch is a crucial component in any tractor as it connects and disconnects the power transmission between the engine and the wheels. Modern tractors now come with advanced clutch systems that provide precise control and reduce driver’s fatigue.
    In Sonalika’s advanced tractors, users can get many options for clutch depending on their usage - single clutch, dual clutch, double clutch and double clutch with IPTO. Each one of these clutches in their respective tractor model offers superior control during farming and transportation.
  6. Brakes: Brakes are a vital safety feature of a tractor as efficient braking also enables better control over the tractor and its operations. Modern tractors come with advanced brake systems that offer enhanced safety and control. In order to make the work more efficient without any interruption, several innovations take place in the brake systems also. This component has been further developed in version such as Mechanical brakes, Hydraulic brakes, Oil Immersed Brakes and Multi-Disc Brakes. Such new changes in brake systems are becoming increasingly popular and Sonalika offers improved performance, safety and efficiency by using advanced braking technology.
  7. Lighting: Lighting components in tractors play a critical role as a safety feature as they can solve two important challenges – easy operations in farms at night and clear visibility during on road operations. Modern tractors come equipped with advanced lighting fixtures such as Twin Barrel Headlamps, Super Luxury DRL and LED Tail lights that provide better visibility with less power consumption. All such features are available options in Sonalika’s advanced tractors.
  8. Seat: Farmers spend long hours during farming which requires them to remain in the same sitting posture. Sonalika keeps on designing the seats ergonomically that offer better support and reduce fatigue, thereby taking operator comfort to new levels. The driver can experience a 180 degree view while sitting on the high stance 4 directional adjustable seat in the tractors by Sonalika and can undertake farming operations that allow them to do farming for long hours with comfort.
  9. Steering Wheel: The steering wheel is a major part of the tractor as it allows the operator to control its movement and direction. Most of the tractors designed in earlier times have mechanical steering wheels which use the driver’s force for its operation. With the ever-changing trend, users are now given the options in hydrostatic steering wheels and power steering wheels. The power steering wheels allow farmers to steer tractors with considerably less effort as they are powered.
  10. GPS System: The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a new age technology that is revolutionising the farming industry. Modern tractors come equipped with advanced GPS systems that offer precise location tracking abilities to the users. Farmers can track many tractor functions with this technology and Sonalika has already its Tiger DI 50 4WD tractor with Sky Smart Live Tracking System for the tractor position tracking.
    1. Conclusion
      Harnessing the modern technologies to maximise farmer's productivity, Sonalika constantly updates its tractor portfolio so that it continues to deliver prosperity to farmers. The advanced features in its tractors include 2WD and 4WD drive types, powerful engine, intelligent transmission, strong hydraulics and comfortable seats. The inclusion of ultra-modern accessories such as Super Luxury DRL, Twin Barrel Headlamps, LED Tail lights, Power Steering, GPS System in tractors by Sonalika modernise the farming style while making the way of farmers towards increased crop productivity as well as income.    

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