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Optimize Your Farming Operations with Sonalika Tractors & Agro Solutions

Posted On - 30 June, 2023
Category - Tractor

Increasing farm productivity and income are the two most important aims of a farmer across the world. Especially in a country like India, they become even more critical as land farm sizes are small and farmers often have limited means in terms of agri equipment. Being farmer centric brand and No.1 tractor exports brand from India, Sonalika Tractors understands the most unique requirements of farmers and its team of R&D experts always work with a clear aim – Optimizing farm solutions for superior farmer productivity. The company continues to deliver on its commitment with its widest tractor portfolio in 20-120HP range that ensure unmatched performance across varied soil conditions, thereby increasing farmer produce and income.

Modern Technology in Farming 

Every sector today is harnessing modern technologies to increase an individual’s productivity and Sonalika Tractors remain at the forefront to introduce new age technology equipped farm equipment. From small-scale to large-scale farm activities, Sonalika Tractors offers a huge range of tractors in 2WD and 4WD variants that empower the farmers to address the farm requirements with high confidence.
Diligently working on farmer’s feedback, Sonalika Tractors aggressively develops modern technology features and has already introduced powerful yet efficient HDM+ Engine, Exso Sensing Hydraulics, 12+12 Multi-Speed transmission, Power Steering, Twin Barrel Headlamps with DRL and many others. Its latest technology equipped tractor offers CRDS technology which is loaded with best-in-class features that is eco-friendly as well as deliver high performance. There are many popular tractor series launched by Sonalika Tractors and some of them are –

  • Tiger Series: Sonalika offers premium tractors under Tiger Series which have been “Designed in Europe” and come equipped with unique features such as HDM+ Engine, 5G Hydraulics and multi-speed transmissions as well as great looks.
  • Sikander DLX Series: The premium Sikander DLX series comes equipped with 10 deluxe features that deliver unmatched performance. Such advanced features are highest in their respective categories and include with Powerful Engine, Precise Lift, High Speed and High Fuel Efficiency. Also, it has a deluxe style with LED DRL Headlight, LED Tail Light, Pro+ Bumper, Deluxe Seat, Ergo Steering and Metallic Paint that make the Sikander DLX a must buy tractor for Indian farmers.
  • State-specific tractors: Sonalika also rolls out Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra), Mahabali (for Telangana) and Maharaja (for Rajasthan). All these tractors have been fully customised as per regional centric requirements of farmers and therefore enable farmers to be more progressive and increase their crop produce as well as income.

High Precision in Farm Operations 
Sonalika also designs a huge variety of implements that are equipped with unique features for achieving high precision in the tasks such as tilling, ploughing, sowing, shredding, cutting, etc. Sonalika’s farm implements ensure high efficiency in farming while continuing to remain affordable for farmers. Some of the latest farm implements offered by Sonalika are:

  • Challenger Alpha Rotavator: The Challenger Alpha Rotavator is a versatile machine used for pulverization and seed germination. This implement by Sonalika is designed to work with 45-90 HP tractors, making it suitable for a wide range of farming operations.
  • Baler: The Sonalika Baler is an excellent implement for straw management. This is a tractor driven implement that requires 55-60 HP tractors for larger collection capacity and higher profitability.
  • Super Seeder: Sonalika Super Seeder is designed to enable combined applications such as soil preparation and sowing with fertiliser. It allows direct sowing of the seeds that helps in saving time and cost.

Low maintenance & superior service
The continuous and smooth process execution in farming is very essential and many times, it gets hampered due to the unexpected machinery breakdowns. Keeping this in mind, Sonalika designs all the tractors with easy-to-use and accessible parts which make maintenance & repairs easier for farmers. Additionally, the company offers superior after-sales services which includes regular maintenance checks, repairs and replacements. This also includes 3x2 service in which the farmer’s problem is addressed in just 3 hours and fully rectified in less than 2 days. This helps farmers reduce downtime considerably and ensures that their farming operations run smoothly, continuously and reliably.

Fuel Efficient in Farm Operations The ever rising cost of fuel has been a big reason of worry for farmers. But with Sonalika Tractors, farmers can achieve efficient fuel consumption, which results in higher productivity and savings. Furthermore, its tractors come with high tech features such as multiple speed ranges and gear shifting choices that help farmers achieve desired speed while consuming less fuel. This helps farmers save money on fuel as well as reduce their carbon footprints, making farming operations more sustainable.

Farming involves a set of complicated tasks that starts from land preparation and continue till harvesting and even beyond. All these tasks are performed differently across various locations in India which deals with a variation of the soil patterns, weight and texture. Ensuring high optimization in the farm operations, Sonalika Tractors with its advanced tractor range & agri equipment continues to fulfil every need of farmers with its customised tractors, superior implements and remains committed for ‘Leading Agri Evolution’ as well as farm mechanisation.

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