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Sonalika: A Vast Tractor Dealer Network That's Always Within Reach

Posted On - 18 November, 2023
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Sonalika Tractors stands as India's No.1 tractor export brand and firmly holds 3rd position in India – the world’s biggest tractor market. The company has developed a strong 950 tractor dealership network in the country which allows the company to stay as close as possible to the customers and address every unique requirement of farmers. Sonalika's robust tractor dealer network offers a customised and the widest tractor range in the 20-120 HP range, including both 2WD and 4WD variants. Moreover, the company has also introduced region-specific heavy-duty tractors like Chhatrapati (Maharashtra), Mahabali (Telangana) and Maharaja (Rajasthan) that are available as Sonalika tractor dealer in the respective state to cater to local needs of farmers. Every heavy duty tractor in Sonalika tractor dealership is manufactured at the world's top integrated tractor manufacturing plant which is Pride of India and allows the company to take local to global across 150+ countries.

Sonalika Tractor Dealer Network
For farmers, tractor buying is one of the biggest dream and Sonalika tractor dealership network acts as a bridge to fulfil that aspiration. From pre-sales to after-sales services, these Sonalika Tractor dealers remain highly responsive, catering to customers and their diverse needs in the vicinity. The availability of relevant information online on Sonalika website has further simplified the buying process from the customer's perspective. Every Sonalika Tractor dealer endeavors to maintain transparency, ensuring a seamless experience for the farmers.

Let us understand why Sonalika tractor dealership network is ahead of the competition

  • Extensive Product Range: Dealers offer a wide range of options within the 20-120 HP tractor range, allowing farmers to select the most suitable model. Sonalika's tractors are customisable, boasting robust engines, intelligent transmission systems and comfortable seating
  • Expert Advice and Guidance: Customers can directly consult experts for information on internal tractor components such as engines, transmissions, gearboxes and fuel usage. This guidance helps address queries with a high level of clarity.
  • Tractor Demo Testing: Sonalika's tractor dealers serve as trusted guides, making the tractor buying process easy for farmers. During demo testing, they assist customers in taking a test drive, ensuring the functionality of pedals, handles, lights and the comfort of the seating and platform.
  • 3X2 Servicing Facility: Dealerships play a crucial role in providing extensive support for servicing, including repairs and maintenance. Upholding the 3X2 Promise, technicians respond within 3 hours, resolving complaints within 2 days. Home servicing facilities are also available for the convenience of farmers.
  • Comfortable Service Centers: While servicing is underway, customers can relax in the comfortable seating areas and watch informative tractor related videos on TV screens, thereby helping them to learn when their tractor is getting serviced at the Sonalika tractor dealer network.
  • Financial Support: Sonalika tractor dealerships offer various schemes and funds, enabling farmers to access financial support. This assistance simplifies the tractor purchasing process for farmers.


With a focus on providing a superior product portfolio and great after-sales service, Sonalika continues to meet the evolving needs of farmers through its heavy duty tractors and advanced dealerships that are strategically positioned in every Indian state. The services offered by these tractor dealerships encompass a wide range of tractors, demonstration testing support, expert advice and a 3X2 servicing facility. Responding to the diverse requirements of farmers, the company is committed to expand its outreach and strengthen its rapport with the farming community. Its extensive network of 950 dealerships serves as a pipeline to facilitate easy access to heavy duty tractors for farmers. With a primary focus on farmer comfort, every Sonalika tractor dealer serves as a 'Partner in Progress,' guiding farmers towards prosperity.

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