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Sonalika Tiger Electric - India’s first field ready electric tractor

Posted On - 10 November, 2022
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Electric tractors are among the disruptive technologies which are gradually become the talk of the town that has been ruled by diesel run tractors for decades. Diesel as a fuel is readily available within farmer’s proximity and its easy access makes them trust the same for daily farming needs. However, ever rising costs across the agri value chain are forcing tractor   manufacturers across the world to put in series efforts and evaluate alternative technologies that will lead to effective cost of operations.

Sonalika Tiger Electric: Features
Creating a new revolution in the Indian tractor industry, Sonalika Tractors introduced the Sonalika Tiger Electric - India’s first field ready electric tractor. It harnesses the concept of electro mobility and promises 100% torque at 100% time. Sonalika Tiger Electric offers a plethora of benefits that makes the tractor stand ahead of the competitive curve -

* Tiger electric features a German design E Trac motor that offers high energy efficiency with optimised power density and top speed of 24.9 kmph
* It delivers a power capacity of 11kW, that ensures high-end tractor performance in the fields
* Comes with battery capacity range of 250-350 A which can be fully charged in 10 hours at home and in 4 hours with fast charging system
* The electric tractor from Sonalika offers a lift capacity of 500 Kg that enables farmers to operate varied implements and attachments
* Oil-immersed brakes in the tractor enable better vehicle safety and control during daily farming needs
* Features XL wide workspace and plush branded seat with 4 way adjustment options that allow long work hours without any fatigue
* Design wise, it gets twin Barrel Headlamps that provide better visibility even at night operations
* Bigger-sized tyres create strong traction with greater stability


Sonalika Electric Tiger: Uses

Every agriculture machine by Sonalika Tractors is equipped with high end customised technologies and Sonalika Tiger Electric also follows the same unique approach of the company to offer following set of benefits -

* Eco-friendly E Trac motor equipped in electric tractor saves 1/4th running cost as that of diesel engine tractor.
* Extra torque in working range is useful for higher productivity
* Zero maintenance cost due to less rotating parts equipped in Tiger electric tractor
* Many implements can be operated with zero RPM drop, which saves fuel cost.
* Its high speed enables faster coverage of land area in less time
* Noiseless performance allows farmers to work with peace of mind
* No heat transfer from engines provides comfort and enable longer working hours

Electric tractor technology is at its early stages in India and will take time to become farmer’s partner for their farms. High torque, low running cost and zero emissions are the significant advantages of electric tractor. However, many challenges are coming in the way of electric tractor to make its presence in the farms. These challenges include lack of deeper understanding of the product technology by farmers, doubts on EV components availability, high initial cost and lack of charging infrastructure. Therefore, aiming to make farming more affordable, Sonalika Tractors developed its technology marvel - the Sonalika Tiger Electric so that farmers can handle all kinds of farm applications in an economical and sustainable way with India’s first field ready electric tractor.

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