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Sonalika Tiger Tractor: India's own tractor model to increase agricultural productivity!

Posted On - 30 January, 2024
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Sonalika Tiger, India’s best “Designed in Europe” tractor, is a highly popular series in the country– the largest tractor mark of the world and is trusted by thousands of farmers across the country. Launched in 2019 by India's No. 1 Export Brand, Sonalika’s best and premium Tiger tractor series is trusted by thousands across the country and known for delivering exceptional farm productivity. Sonalika Tiger tractors are mainly popular due to their unique and ultra-modern design and looks, powerful HDM engines, precise 5G hydraulics and comfortable features which enable farmers to withstand even the most difficult challenges in farming and achieve prosperity.

Sonalika Tractors is known for its most heavy duty tractor range which is also customised as per farm’s regional needs. The company took a revolutionary step to get the widely acclaimed Sonalika Tiger ‘Designed in Europe’ to make it a true symbol of trust and profitability. The extraordinary and best possible tractor has further complemented Sonalika’s most heavy duty tractor range in 20-120 HP.

Sonalika Tiger Premium Tractors

Driven by the commitment to provide comfort, smooth operation, and best possible output, Sonalika Tiger has been best equipped with state-of-the-art technologies so that farmers are able to optimise their farming operations as well as multiply their income. Some of the new age technologies that are available in the advanced Sonalika Tiger series are -

  • CRDS Technology: The latest technology introduced in the Sonalika tiger series is the Common Rail Diesel System (CRDS) which is available in more than 50 HP segment. This Trem stage IV emission norms compliant technology is environment friendly and offers 3 modes in one tractor – Power, Eco and normal – so that farmers can generate tractor power as per their application. So with Sonalika Tiger CRDS tractor farmers can not only optimise fuel efficiency but also attain best or maximum power for challenging farming situations. CRDS technology can also be considered to be a unique version of CRDI technology by Sonalika in which the company gives a complete advanced bouquet of technologies that enhance farmer productivity.
  • Versatility in Engine Power: Sonalika Tractor tiger consists of a wide range of engine power options that provide versatility of choosing tractor as per regional farmer needs. The Tiger Tractor series comprises small to heavy duty tractors in 26-75 HP range which can be used according to specific needs of small farms, orchards, horticulture, floriculture, gardening, landscaping, livestock farms, and cultivation of cash crops. However, 50-75 HP tractors are best used for large-scale production, field preparation, harvesting operations, implement compatibility, tillage, seeding, specialised crop cultivation, and more.
  • Transmission Types: The transmission is the component of the tractor that transfers power from the tractor engine to the wheels. Besides transmitting power to the wheels, the transmission also aids in controlling and managing the speed, i.e., reducing and increasing the tractor speed. The specification of the Tiger series is contingent upon the type of transmission. Sonalika, the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in the country, offers a variety of transmission options in their best and premium tiger series, including Shuttle Tech, Sliding Mesh+Slide Shift, and Constant Mesh+Slide Shift with Synchro-shuttle transmissions.
  • Exceptional Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system of Sonalika Tiger is the heart of the tractor known as the assembly that transmits power for superior on-field/off-field performance. It is a mechanical action driven by the force of fluid pressure that converts fuel pressure into mechanical energy and powers the braking system, helps power steering and provides an extraordinary 2200 kg lifting capacity. The 5G hydraulics of Sonalika Tiger offers modern sensors to monitor, control and regulate an ideal performance and is available in the range of 800 kg-2200 kg.

Benefits of the Sonalika Tiger Tractors
Sonalika Tiger series tractors are equipped with many best features that provide various benefits as below.

  • Power-Packed Performance: HDM or Heavy Duty Mileage Engines provide high power, maximum torque, and excellent mileage to perform farm activities in the most efficient manner. Sonalika Tiger tractors are the fastest in various respective categories, making agricultural activities more efficient.
  • Durability and Reliability: The high-tech or cutting-edge technology of international level along with excellent adaptability allow the Sonalika Tiger Tractors to be durable and reliable for agricultural and industrial use in the related domain.
  • Ensuring Comfort: The heavy duty Sonalika Tiger comes with an ergonomic seat, due to this, operators can do their work with maximum efficiency for longer hours and deliver optimal comfort for farmers.
  • Fuel Efficiency: One of the most prominent benefits of Sonalika Tractor Tiger Series is its fuel efficiency. Owing to the ideal upgradation, and optimization in engine with advanced technologies, it is evident that the Sonalika Tiger Tractors are designed to offer higher mileage that reflects fuel efficiency resulting in higher profitability, and lower cost in the operations.

Conclusion: Sonalika Tiger Tractors

The tiger is a manifestation of innovation and excellence in the field of farming and has emerged as an excellent option and Sonalika Tiger heavy duty tractors are engineered with state-of-the-art technology to meet the modern needs of farmers to augment their productivity. To know the detailed list and price of each Tiger tractor,
please visit sonalika.com/tractor.

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