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Sonalika Tractor Price list 2023

Posted On - 10 January, 2023
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Sonalika Tractors is the No.1 tractor exports brand from India and its tractor prices continue to be an important factor that support farmers to speed up their tractor buying process. The company manufactures widest and highly customised tractor range in 20-120 HP that empower farmers to adopt most optimal farming style. Sonalika become the first domestic tractor brand to showcase tractor price on its official website. Tractor prices of each model have been revealed online, making it easier for farmers to gain insights about the latest tractor prices in 2023.

Sonalika Tractor Price by HP

Sonalika has strengthened its position as 3rd largest manufacturer in the domestic sector and it stands tall amongst the top 5 tractor manufacturers globally. Its tractors come equipped with advanced features in various tractor price segments, with the goal of supporting farmers withstand soil conditions and increase productivity.  Be it premium or budget-friendly tractors, Sonalika has it all covered in its customised tractor portfolio which is designed to deliver farm prosperity across the world.

Truly aligned its vision of ‘Leading Agri Evolution’, Sonalika always remains fully geared up to address every unique farmer need in the best possible way. Addressing one of the most critical issues that troubled farmers for a very long time has been Tractor Price’ of their favourite model. Taking an unprecedented step on the occasion of Kisan Diwas 2022, Sonalika declared the tractor price range on its revamped website, making the tractor buying process much easier and transparent than ever before. The official website of Sonalika allows farmers to check the technology features while they compare one tractor with other at same place and moving forward farmers can also check tractor price of their shortlisted model. Thus, it offers a combined solution that ensures peace of mind with high trust and truth levels, subsequently speeding up the process of bringing a favourite tractor home at tractor prices which are highly transparent.

As the tractor features get better, tractor prices also fluctuate, however the chances of getting excellent results increase with every additional advanced feature in the tractor. Many buyers across the country are influenced by tractor prices, and since tractor horsepower is also one of the most powerful factors that influences the tractor prices, let us understand Sonalika’s tractor range segmented on the basis of horsepower -

Below 30 HP

An efficient functionality with budget-friendly tractor price is all that an average farmer desires. Mini tractors are the smallest tractors, but their engine capacity of 30 HP or even below, is very powerful to deal with the toughest farm operations on small farms. Sonalika has the best tractor options in the 30 HP tractor segment which include Sonalika Tiger DI 730 II and Sonalika MM-18. They come equipped with powerful engines, optimum transmission, comfortable steering wheel that enhance the overall farming experience of its users. The Sonalika mini tractor price varies with every small difference in their features, ensuring farm prosperity even in smaller farms.


Tractors with 31-45 HP are ideal for light-to-medium duty farm operations on both soft and hard soils. In this segment, Sonalika offers great tractor models that can ensure smooth work flow during the farming as well as haulage. This segment include Sonalika DI 35, Sonalika DI 734 and Sonalika DI 734 Power Plus. One can get clarity about the tractor price and take the final decision as per their convenience as well as budget.

46-90 HP

The tractors with 46-90 HP engines are referred to as high HP tractors as they deliver very high horsepower as compared to other tractor range. Farmers that grow crops on larger farms prefer to work with tractors range between 46-90 HP as they allow them to prepare their land area in much shorter time period. The tractor price rests on its features and farmers are provided with best-in-class features in high HP tractors that are highly preferred for doing heavy farm tasks.

Some other factors that bring a certain change in the tractor price are:

  1. Drive Type: The tractor market has two drive types according to which tractor price varies. These are known as 2WD & 4WD tractors and one can experience the difference in its performance that varies among different soil types.
  2. Design: Another feature that influences the tractor price is ‘Tractor Design. Manufacturers continuously optimise tractor design while keeping up with the latest trends and farmer feedback in order to remain farmer friendly. The change in design also affects the tractor price and makes farmers a little bit choosy about buying a tractor. Sonalika Tiger is a premium tractor that is ‘Designed in Europe’ for Indian farmer’s prosperity and comes equipped with chrome trims, double barrel headlamps, LED DRL headlamps and tail lamps, making it highly preferred tractor among Indian farmers as well as abroad.
  3. Application: Tractors are useful to power the implements and their potential to run the implements differs from one tractor to other. There are many tractors that can be used with a limited set of implements while many other tractors can be used with multiple implements & attachments. Therefore, it is very important for the user to opt for the advanced but affordable model with tractor price which truly matches their budget. Sonalika manufactures a slew of farmer friendly implements with high end technologies such as rotavator, MB Plough, mulcher, straw reaper, harvester, etc. All these implements by Sonalika are designed to ease out farmer’s tedious jobs at the field.


Tractor Price is one of the major aspects that plays an important role in influencing the tractor purchase. Many buyers get puzzled up when they have to make a choice on basis of tractor price. This highly critical issue of farmers was anticipated by Sonalika Tractors which remains committed to solve all the challenges faced by the farmers in agri-ecosystem. A much-needed step taken on Kisan Diwas 2022, Sonalika resolved the tractor price related issue from the lives of farmers forever when it displayed tractor prices on the official website. Farmers can now get a chance to experience the whole new world of trust, truth and transparency with Sonalika Tractors and in just a matter of few clicks, get the exact tractor price figures easily.


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