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Sonalika Tractors- A True and Reliable Farming Partner

Posted On - 10 April, 2023
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Sonalika Tractors is a leading tractor brand and is currently No.1 tractor exports brand from India that caters to the diverse needs of farmers across the globe. The company offers the widest tractor portfolio in 20-120 HP range which allows farmers to choose a tractor as per their specific needs in their regional soil conditions.

Sonalika Tractors: Highlights


1. Sonalika Tractors is the No.1 tractor exports brand from India and is associated with 14 lakh+ customers across 140+ countries. 

2. Every tractor from Sonalika is manufactured at World’s No.1 integrated largest tractor manufacturing plant located at Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

3. The company rolls out the widest tractor portfolio under 20-120HP range that delivers unmatched performance in the fields.

4. Sonalika offers customised tractors that deliver high end performance in the regional state soil conditions.

5. Sonalika is the first brand in the industry that brings tractor price transparency on its official website.    

6. Sonalika rolls out premium tractors such as ‘Tiger’ series which is ‘Designed in Europe’ to make sure farmers gain access to technologies that exist in advanced markets.

7. Its Sikander DLX series is engineered with 10 deluxe attributes that ensure prosperity as well as profitability in farmer’s lives.

8. Sonalika is the pioneer in introducing CRDi technology complying with European and American emission norms in 2016.

9. With its advanced CRDS Trem Stage IV compliant tractors, Sonalika is delivering the farmer happiness in the form of 3 multi-mode benefits- power, normal and saving mode.

10. Being concerned towards the environment, the company has designed Sonalika Tiger Electric - India’s first field ready electric tractor that ensures 100% torque at 100% times.

11. Sonalika rolls out 70+ advanced implements that are designed to empower farmers to maximize their crop produce as well as income.

12. To remain close with customers, the company has robust 1000+ dealerships, 15000+ retail points and 375+ stockists at their nearest locations.

13. Sonalika’s ‘Agro Solutions’ app has been introduced to offer easy renting of farm equipment and promote farm mechanization among the farmers.    

Wide Range of Product 

Being a farmer centric brand, Sonalika understands the critical needs of every farmer in their regional soil conditions and offers its widest tractor portfolio in 20-120 HP range along with 70+ implements. All these advanced farm machines by Sonalika deliver unmatched performance that make farming more easy and simple. They are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications from ploughing fields to tilling, harvesting and transportation. They are also designed to perform well in various soil and weather conditions.  


Innovative Technology

Sonalika has a strong global presence in 140+ countries and it continues to innovate aggressively and bring new technology for increasing the productivity of farmers. Its tractor portfolio includes premium tractors like Tiger series and Sikander DLX series as well as state specific tractors such as Maharaja (for Rajasthan), Mahabali (for Telangana) and Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra). Their unmatched performance in fields enabled the company to win the trust of 14 lakh+ customers and is a preferred brand on which farmers can rely for making their farming more efficient.  


Environment Friendly Design

Sonalika designs its every tractor keeping the farmer's convenience as a central point and for this, every tractor comes equipped with the powerful and fuel-efficient engine that save their money being spent on refuelling. A Trem Stage IV compliant Tiger CRDS tractor by Sonalika is ‘Designed in Europe’ and offers unmatched performance while offering 3 multi-mode benefits- power, normal and saving mode for the farmer’s delight.       


Budget friendly pricing

Sonalika understands the financial constraints of farmers and offers flexible options in tractor prices that vary from model-to-model and also from region to region. This allows farmers to choose the most suitable tractor as per their budget. By ensuring affordability in its tractor prices, Sonalika is ensuring the faster adoption of farm machineries among the farmers. The company also has Non-Banking Financial Corporation AFL for ensuring easy credit for farmers.


Good After-Sale service

Sonalika’s after-sale services include servicing & repairs, warranty, offers, training, etc. The company offers 3X2 service promise in which the technician reaches the customer’s doorstep within 3 hours of complaint and this entire job related to maintenance and servicing gets solved within 2 days.  


Strong Network Presence

With 1000+ dealerships, 15,000+ retail points and 375+ stockists, the company remains close to the customers to meet their growing needs in their existing regions. This strong presence makes Sonalika Tractors a reliable farming companion for farmers by making it easy to access the company's products and services. Also, its dealerships are well-equipped to provide farmers with the necessary support and technical assistance they need.


Financial Assistance

While Sonalika continues to extend its commitment through technology tractors, it also supports the farmers financially to purchase the new tractors without facing financial constraints. This means that Sonalika Tractors is a trusted brand that supports farmers to make them progressive by filling the gaps with its every possible way to ensure prosperity in their farming.     


Why to choose Sonalika Tractors?

Being India’s No.1 tractor export brand, Sonalika Tractors is one of the leaders in the market with its wide range of tractors, innovative technology, environmental friendly designs, affordable pricing, strong dealer network and good after sale services. When it comes to Sonalika’s tractors, they are designed with powerful engine, strong hydraulics, comfortable seats and other unique features that ensure increased farm produce as well as income.

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