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Sonalika Tractors: India's No 1 Tractor Brand in Exports!

Posted On - 30 January, 2024
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India is a dynamic country that is currently the largest tractor market, where 10+ lakh tractors are manufactured out of 25+ lakh units manufactured globally. Scripting India’s growth journey in the world tractor market, Sonalika Tractors, India's No. 1 tractor export brand, is holding 28.2% market share in FY '23 (TMA FY'23). This has further increased to 35% market share in YTD FY24, which means every 3rd tractor being exported from India belongs to Sonalika. This clearly reflects on the outstanding achievement of Sonalika Tractors which is also the 5th largest tractor manufacturer in terms of volumes globally.

Sonalika Tractors is fully committed to guarantee the progress of farmers' production as well as maximum income at optimal costs. With its emphasis on innovation and customer satisfaction, Sonalika Tractors today rolls out the widest range of heavy duty tractors in 20-120 HP which enables the company to compete and stand tall among the global leaders in the tractor domain.

With state-of-the-art quality and durability features, all heavy duty tractors from Sonalika are manufactured at the world's largest tractor production facility located at Hoshiarpur, Punjab, which is the pride of Sonalika Tractors. Powered by a streamlined manufacturing process hand in hand with robotics and automation helps in producing robust quality and technically efficient customised tractors for all types of soils.

Now, let us find out the key factors that make Sonalika Tractors as the best brand among the competitive tractor market.

  • Manufacturing Excellence: Sonalika Tractors established the World's No. 1 Vertically Integrated Tractor and Implement Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab in 2017 which is also taking forward the legacy of Make-in-India concept, The Hoshiarpur facility is equipped with robotics and automation to make sure every tractor is equipped with robust quality design and features.
  • Heavy Duty Tractor Range and powerful engines: Owing to its farmer centric approach and understanding the regional needs, Sonalika Tractors offers a wide range of heavy duty tractors in 20-120 HP. Every tractor in the range is customized for every soil condition that provides farmers with the required farming solutions and high efficiency. The heavy duty range of customized tractors from Sonalika includes Sonalika Tiger (Designed in Europe), Sonalika Sikander DLX (with 100 Deluxe features) and state specific tractors like Chhatrapati for Maharashtra, Mahabali for Telangana and Maharaja for Rajasthan. With the huge engines under the tractor hood, there is no RPM drop, leading to high performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Price Transparency: Sonalika Tractors is the only tractor company in India which has taken a revolutionary step in the tractor market by displaying the prices of its tractors on the official website to bring transparency in tractor purchasing.
  • 5 years Warranty and 3x2 Service: Sonalika 20-120 HP heavy duty tractor range is available with a maximum warranty of 5 years. When it comes to 3x2 service, Sonalika ensures that it will send its technician to the customer's doorstep within three hours and resolve the problem completely within 2 days.
  • Rock solid Farmer’s Trust: More than 15 lakh farmers around the world today trust Sonalika as their only farm partner. This is because the company is able to deliver superior customer satisfaction with its heavy duty tractors.

Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200

Another huge step has been taken by Sonalika Tractors to accelerate the country's growth in the global tractor market by organising the prestigious “Global Partners Summit or GPS200” at Gurugram India on October 14, 2023. The company invited over 200 channel partners from around the world. A day before the event, the company also invited these channel partners and facilitated their travel via chartered aircraft to its Hoshiarpur plant in Punjab to visit, experience, and familiarise with the advanced production facility.


Sonalika Tractors has emerged as a major player in the global tractor market, and continues to lead India's growth story and sustains its position as a leader in the domestic and international agriculture landscape. Through its innovative technologies, robust manufacturing process and making a significant contribution through a commitment to delivering quality, Sonalika continues to be ‘Pride of India’ at the global level.

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