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Top 10 features of advanced tractors that every farmer should know

Posted On - 17 June, 2023
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Tractors have long been the backbone of farmer’s productivity and ensure a progressive future in India. They are robust heavy duty machines that are regularly updated with advanced features by manufacturers who are always working hard to revolutionise the way farmers work and enable them prosperity. 

Farmer demands are dynamic in nature as there are varied soil and crop specific requirements that require superior agri machinery. Working diligently on farmer’s feedback, India’s No.1 tractor export brand, Sonalika Tractors continues to design its heavy duty tractor range and develop unique features that collectively deliver power, performance and productivity. 

Let us explore the top 10 essential features of advanced tractors that include:
  1. Wheel Drive Type: In the present time, tractors are designed in the variants of 2WD and 4WD tractors to suit soil requirements such as dryland or wetland. Farmers can choose right tractors for their state-specific soils from the comprehensive choice provided in the widest tractor segment at Sonalika Tractors
  2. Engine: Superior power and torque are ensured with the powerful engines in the advanced tractors of the modern time. Sonalika's tractors are designed with intelligent features that result in maximum productivity with less fuel consumption. Its premium tractors are phenomenal as they have HDM+ engines that allow farmers to work with optimum torque and speed in every soil type across the world. 
  3. Transmission System: Sonalika’s tractors come with intelligent transmission systems with the varied options among them such as 12F+12R Gear speeds with Shuttle Tech Transmission (Tiger Series) and Sliding Mesh type (Sikander Series). The superior levels of such transmissions provide seamless control and improved tractor efficiency at different speed ranges.
  4. Steering: With power steering and mechanical steering as options, farmers can choose steering as per their comfort and experience the precise control for smooth manoeuvrability in the farms. Advanced features of Sonalika’s tractors ensure ease of tractor use on every soil type.
  5. Hydraulic System: Precise control over implements with the advanced hydraulic systems is one of the significant benefits of new age technology. Strong lift capacity, customisable settings and adjustable flow rates optimise performance with implements such as rotavator, cultivator, seed sower, etc.
  6. Brakes: Most of today’s tractors come loaded with superior brakes that ensure smooth stopping power even in the sudden brakes. Oil Immersed Brakes and Multi-Disc Brakes are greatly preferred by the tractor manufacturer to stay ahead as a trendsetter in the tractor market.
  7. Clutch: Connection and disconnection of the power transmission between engine & wheels takes place with the help of clutch. In the earlier times, the manufacturers used to design tractors with basic clutches but now users have many options in advanced tractors depending on their usage. Such options include- double clutch with IPTO, double clutch, dual clutch and single clutch. 
  8. Ergonomics and Comfort: Long hours in the field demand operator comfort and well-being. Modern cabins feature ergonomic designs, air conditioning and suspension systems that reduce operator fatigue, thereby creating a pleasant work environment. Intuitive controls, adjustable seats and improved visibility support operators to work efficiently and safely.
  9. Lighting: Whether working during dawn, dusk or in low-light conditions, advanced tractors provide optimal visibility for increased safety and productivity. The state-of-the art lighting fixtures such as Twin Barrel headlamps and DRL, Super Luxury DRL and LED Tail Lights are equipped in the latest tractors manufactured at Sonalika Tractors
  10. Fuel Usage: The ever rising fuel costs have pushed the demand for fuel-efficient tractors. Highly advanced features in tractors are now directed to offer unmatched performance with less fuel consumption. Sonalika has introduced TREM Stage-IV compliant tractors as its CRDS engine simplifies the farm jobs while reducing the environmental impact. 


The evolution of tractors has been nothing short of extraordinary. India’s No.1 tractor export brand, Sonalika Tractors is delivering on the dynamic needs of farmers with its heavy-duty tractor range with its innovative techniques. From increased power and efficiency to advanced automation and connectivity, the high technology tractors have touched the heights to ensure farmer happiness and progress in an affordable way.

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