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Best 35 HP Tractor in India

Posted On - 7 December, 2022
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The 35 HP tractor is the best fit for Indian agri ecosystem as it is majorly characterized by small to medium land holding pattern. As much as 78% of Indian farmers prefer 35 HP tractor as they are compact in size yet are powerful enough to execute a variety of farm related jobs across farming as well as haulage. Tractor manufacturers have come up with a vast range of sub-compact 35 HP tractors as the farmers today are much more informed than ever before and always on a hunt to increase their productivity in the most optimal way. A 35 HP tractor can smoothly navigate through the pathways of the farms and is generally used for light-to-medium heavy agricultural operations, and is well equipped to work with a number of implements used for various farming and gardening activities.

Why 35 HP tractor is best for farming?

A 35 HP tractor is a flexible tractor as its robust small structure allows farmers to reach each and every corner of farm easily. It is small in size and capable of doing huge range of farm tasks such as digging, tilling, mulching, haulage and mowing. Their powerful engines deliver sufficient amount of power and torque to make the farming more efficient. Sonalika Tractors has a huge range of 35 HP tractors that come power-packed with advanced features to simplify farming while offering great results in production. Sonalika Tractors has lined up many tractors in 35 HP range which includes Tiger & Sikander series which are designed to deliver increased farm prosperity and income for farmers.

35 HP Tractor: Features

A 35 HP tractor is very versatile farm equipment for farmers with its stylish appearance, excellent features, strong build quality and unmatched performance. It is ideal for vineyards, orchards, as well as farming of sugarcane, Wheat, maize, Paddy, Potato, cotton and many more. A 35 HP tractor can be segregated into 2WD and 4WD variants with varying features across the brands. Some key features of a 35 HP tractor that distinguish it from other tractors have been listed below:


· Appearance: Manufacturers ensure that a 35 HP tractor gets an attractive and classy look so as to win farmer’s heart with their appearance and make them more trustworthy for a superior performance.

· Size: A 35 HP tractor looks smaller than big tractors but carries strong potential to meet the farming expectations. It has the ability to address various farm tasks owing to its small yet powerful engine for an unparalleled performance.

· Weight: It is a light weight tractor which often makes it more fuel efficient and more environment friendly while it eases up the farm jobs.

· Engine: The powerful engines of 35 HP tractors deliver excellent speed, optimised power and high torque. Such features enable farmers to complete the farm activities with maximum precision and accuracy.

· Hydraulics: The superior hydraulic system of 35 HP tractor helps to perform the agriculture tasks with easy lifting of implements for doing the works required in usual farming, gardening and landscaping. A 35 HP tractor works efficiently with - Rotavator, seed sower, puddler and varied range of implements. Furthermore, it assures quality work along with high fuel efficiency which is the best thing to be noticed about 35 HP tractor.

· Transmission: Farmers can choose among a variety of transmissions such as shuttle tech or constant mesh transmission as per their own ease of operation. Many latest models of 35 HP tractors are also available with different combination of forward and reverse gears that are capable of varying speed as per need of operation.

· Steering Wheel: Most of the latest versions of 35 HP tractor have power steering wheel as the feature offers greater comfort to the operators while carrying out the farm jobs during longer working hours.

· Platform and Seat: A highly spacious platform of a 35 HP tractor provides smooth work flow to the farmers. Moreover, its ergo-designed seat is ideal for increasing the work hour for the longer period of time without any stress.


35 HP Tractor: Advantages

There is a variety of advantages of using a 35 HP tractor as it can carry out a huge range of operations in the farms. Some of them are:

   · Ease of operation
A 35 HP tractor is designed in such a way that comfort is ensured to the farmer while riding it on the tough terrains. It comes equipped with high-end features like power steering and spacious platform that offer extreme ease to the driver.

 · Adaptability
 Farmers can make use of a sub-compact 35 HP tractor for wide range of operations that are mainly required in usual farming, landscaping and gardening. They are also a great match for dry farms where farmers can perform digging, seed sowing and manuring. Bigger tractors many a times face problems due to narrow spaces in Indian farms, which is easily addressed by a 35 HP tractor due  to its size and short wheelbase that can fit in small spots easily.

· Affordable Price
Farmers always look for budget-friendly tractors and 35 HP tractor is one of the affordable tractor for small farmers. This tractor  has been designed in such a way that it costs remain effective even during its maintenance, repairs or replacements. 

· Increased Income
The unmatched performance of a 35 HP tractor boosts up the crop produce that make a farmer more progressive with increased    farm produce and income. Furthermore, the fuel efficiency and less maintenance cost play an important role for saving the money to be spent on tractor.


The design of 35 HP tractor is very simple and easy to operate. Its affordable price and adaptability drive the adoption of 35 HP tractor among the farmers. Their advanced models are efficient and cheaper than higher HP tractors and are loaded with technological features that offer best results with its powerful engines, intelligent transmission and strong lift capacity.  Most of the Indian farmers are involved in small-scale farming for which 35 HP tractors are considered as best tractor in the country.


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