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Sonalika Sikander RX 47- 50 HP Tractor, Specifications, Application & Price

Posted On - 28 October, 2022
Category - Tractor

Tractor markets in India are seeing great demand for 50 HP tractor as it helps farmers to speed up their jobs in farming as well as haulage. Such tractors are useful for growing crops such as Paddy, maize, wheat, Potato etc as they have powerful 50 HP engines and advanced features to deliver a superior performance. A 50 HP tractor is suitable for powering various implements such as rotavator, straw reaper, mulcher, plough, puddler, etc. and can do tasks such as digging, sowing, fertilizing, cutting and many more. Such tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD types from which farmers can choose from as per their application need. 

Sonalika Tractors is the leading tractor company in the world which continuously focuses on introducing the essential and latest technological features into farm tractors. Every tractor model of Sonalika Tractors delivers unmatched performance and Sonalika Sikander RX 47 is also an advanced tractor which comes equipped with advanced features for farmer satisfaction. Among many features that are available in Sonalika Sikander RX 47 tractor are -

· 3 Cylinder 3,065 cc HDM engine that offers highest torque in the category of 205 Nm & Rated RPM of 1900

· Constant mesh HS-HT Gearbox with 24 speed options that allows easy gearshift

· Clocks 34.94 km/h - highest speed in category

· CCS wide platform provides comfort to the operator

· See through Headlamps and tail lights provide better visibility in nights

· Company fitted DCV ensures easy lifting of trolley and strong lift capacity of 2,000 kg

· Fingertip control hydraulics ensure uniform depth with better output 

· 55 Litres fuel tank capacity allow long work hours with less refuelling frequency

· Next Generation Seat allows operator to work long hours without fatigue

· Oil immersed brakes that work efficiently even during the heavy braking applications

· Larger tyres offers improved traction and also, distributes weight evenly

· Both mechanical and power steering options are available for better control


Sonalika Sikander RX 47 is a highly versatile tractor as it can execute the farm activities like puddling, hauling, planting, sowing, mulching, threshing etc. It can also power bigger rotavators with its unmatched power capacity. Other heavy implements such as cultivator, seed sower, harvester, etc. can be operated with zero RPM drop which saves fuel as well as money.


Sonalika Tractors supports farmers to have a smooth and transparent buying process of their favourite tractor. The price range of every Sonalika tractor model, including Sikander RX 47, relies on its features which can decrease or increase as per the variant available under 2WD and 4WD segments.


Tractors are considered as farm partners which can used with a compatible farm equipment as per farmer’s unique farm size and soil type. The advanced 50 HP tractor is an agriculture machine which delivers better speed, high torque and heavy lift capacity.

Sonalika Tractors designs widest range of tractor models under 20-120 HP range and Sonalika Sikander RX 47 under 50 HP tractor segment is highly in demand. Farmers can maximize the crop produce by doing multiple farm tasks with this versatile 50 HP tractor in their fields. 

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