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Tractor Price in India: Top Sonalika Tractors in the best price range for Heavy Duty performance

Posted On - 17 July, 2023
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Tractor prices in India have remained highly unclear causing much trouble to farmers in the past. Sonalika Tractors is known for taking transformational steps and has already become the first tractor brand to showcase the prices of its entire tractor range on its official website.

The initiative is aimed at making farmer lives easy and prosperous.

India’s No.1 tractor exports brand, Sonalika Tractors has remained committed to make farmers life easier with its heavy duty tractors and known for taking unprecedented steps in the tractor industry. The company pioneered in December’22 with a unique initiative of showcasing tractor prices on official website, thereby making the tractor buying process more transparent. Choosing the exact tractor as per farmer need at the best price is the biggest challenge for the entire farming community. This smart move by Sonalika has made the process from identification to final decision on tractor purchase smooth and hassle free for the farmers.

Powered by the World’s No.1 tractor manufacturing plant, Sonalika‘s widest tractor range in 20-120 HP comes loaded with advanced technologies that deliver high performance on every soil type. Efficient HDM engines, intelligent transmission and precise hydraulics - Sonalika designs almost everything in house that ensures high quality standards without compromising on power, productivity and performance.

Let us explore the Tractor price in India that is categorised into three HP ranges:

  • Less than 30 HP: Tractors under 30 HP range are small yet powerful that are specialised for handling gardens, vineyards and orchards tasks. Every tractor from this range delivers high performance with rotavator, trolley, cultivator, harrow and sprayer. Popular tractors under 30 HP range are Sonalika MM-18 and Sonalika DI 730 II. They come equipped with bigger engines, advanced hydraulics and superior transmission systems that are highly preferred for the farming of pomegranate, sugarcane, papaya and betel nut. One can differentiate these tractors on the basis of their varied technical specifications and tractor price in India that ranges between Rs 3-5 Lac. Depending on the regional states, the Tractor Price in India may vary accordingly.
  • 31 HP-45 HP: The tractors in the 31-45 HP range have all the best features that an Indian farmer would look for in a tractor. These tractors are versatile to work with various heavy implements such as rotavator, MB Plough, cultivator, super seeder, harrow, etc. Offered at an affordable tractor price in India ranging from Rs.6-7 Lac, this particular segment of tractors includes Sonalika DI 734 Power Plus and Sonalika DI 35. While checking tractor price in India, farmers may find slight variation in tractor price in India in specific regions.
  • 46HP-90HP: Tractor range with 46-90 HP is manufactured with advanced technology that delivers optimum torque and power for higher efficiency. This range includes the premium tractors that are manufactured with some modern technologies such as fuel efficient engines, advanced 5G hydraulics, multiple gear speed with efficient transmission, and many more. These advanced features make each tractor of 46HP-90HP superior for dry land and wetland tasks.
    They deliver unmatched performance and high fuel efficiency while working with implements such as Rotavator, Round Baler, Power Harrow, Aero Tiller etc. Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS, Sonalika Tiger DI 65 CRDS, Sonalika DI 750 III, Sonalika Tiger DI 55, Sonalika Tiger DI 50, Sonalika DI 745 III, Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD CRDS, Sonalika Tiger DI 65 4WD CRDS, Sonalika Tiger DI 55 4WD, Sonalika Tiger DI 50 4WD, Sonalika Tiger DI 60 4WD CRDS are some of the tractor models offered under this premium tractor category. Farmers can own any of these at a reasonable tractor price in India that lies between Rs. 8- 14 Lac. More than 40 HP & 50 HP tractors by Sonalika are mostly preferred by the farmers that has been strengthening the brand presence in this segment.

Sonalika has established itself as a trusted brand in the Indian tractor market and stands out from the competition with its heavy duty tractors. It has already earned strong trust of 14+ lakh farmers across 150+ countries. Be it a small farmer with limited demands or a big farmer in need of a premium tractor, Sonalika caters to every dynamic need of the farming in an affordable way. By revealing the tractor price in India at the online platform, Sonalika has reinforced its position as a farmer centric brand, and is committed to take transformative initiatives like transparency on tractor price in India.

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