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Which is the best tractor in India?

Posted On - 14 November, 2022
Category - Tractor

Adoption of the best tractors in the agriculture sector has changed the core farming style. Over the years, manufacturers have been introducing new age technologies that qualify them to become best tractor makers for farming. Fully loaded with advanced technologies & features, a tractor helps farmers to increase their ability to grow crops as per their respective regional requirements.


Sonalika Tractors is India’s No.1 tractor exports brand that continues to win farmer’s trust with its customised tractor portfolio. It manufactures premium tractors and budget tractors under 20-120 HP range that are efficient to make farming affordable for farmers. With an aim of addressing every unique farm challenges, Sonalika Tractors offers premium tractor range -Tiger and Sikander DLX series -  as well as state specific tractors such as Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra), Mahabali (for Telangana) and Maharaja (for  Rajasthan). All these tractor series from Sonalika Tractors offer strong performance with their technological features and suitable for growing crops such as wheat, rice, maize, sugarcane and pulses.


Sonalika Tractors has wide options in 2WD & 4WD tractor variants which subsequently allow farmers to select best tractor based on their torque and power requirements that vary as per soil types - hard soil, rough & dry or wet soil. Farmers can experience exponential increase in their productivity and income by using the best tractor from Sonalika listed under following categories:

  • * Compact Tractor: They are considered as smallest tractor in the entire range as they are equipped with 20-30 HP engines. They simplify the small farm tasks with the advanced features such as superior torque, better speed and strong lift capacity. 
  • * Medium HP tractor: They are ideal for small-to-medium sized farms and speed up the farming with 35-45 HP engine range. Different tractor models available in this range offer unmatched torque, high speed and optimised control system.  

  • * High HP tractor: High HP tractors can do complex farming jobs and are available in engine capacity range of 45-120 HP. Several features such as precise hydraulic lift capacity, intelligent transmission and comfortable wide platform support farmers in enhancing their farming pattern that will further increase their crop produce and income.

Sonalika Tractors is among the best tractor manufacturers in the world that is committed to simplify tough farming jobs for farmers, and thus offers them supreme satisfaction with its customised tractors in 20-120 HP. All tractor models of Sonalika Tractors deliver unmatched performance and also increase the crop productivity in a cost effective manner. A farmer can pick out a best tractor after figuring out the soil conditions of their respective state or regions. As a result, they can achieve prosperity and maximise their income by using best tractor in their fields.

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