Mahabali Series:
Mahabali Series is India’s 1st Puddling Special Tractor. This farm tractor series has technologically superior tractor equipped with advanced features customized for puddling operations in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The new tractor series currently offers 2 models in 41- 50HP Tractor category i.e. Rx 47 & Rx 42 with Maha Torque, Maha Raftaar & Maha Comfort. These model come equipped with 10F+5R gears offering fastest road speed. This series is world’s only tractor with 3 Reverse & 5 forward speed for full cage wheel puddling along with 2 speed for rotavator puddling. It provides fastest pickup in turning and shuttle reverser feature providing advantage of single lever usage for reverse puddling application.
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50 HP

Bigger radiator with overflow reservior


Std.- Single Opt.- Dual

Std.- Constant Mesh