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Sonalika is currently No.1 exports tractor brand from India and is one of the leading tractor manufacturer that has become a preferred choice for Indian farmers for several reasons:

· Wide range of Product: Sonalika understands farmer’s critical needs in their regional soil conditions and provides widest choice in its customised tractor portfolio under 20-120 HP range along with 70+ implements. All these advanced machines by Sonalika deliver unmatched performance that make farming more easy and simple.

· Innovative Technology: Sonalika has a strong global presence as it continues to innovate rightly and bring new technology that are needed to increase the productivity of farmers. Its tractor portfolio includes premium tractors like Tiger series and Sikander DLX series as well as state specific tractors such as Maharaja (for Rajasthan), Mahabali (for Telangana) and Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra). The unmatched performance of such advanced tractors has enabled the company to earn the trust of 14+ lakh customers in 140+ countries.

· Budget-friendly Pricing: With flexible options in its tractor prices to ensure affordability for the farmers, Sonalika allows farmers to choose the best tractor as per their convenience. Also, affordable tractor prices result in the faster adoption of farm machines by the farmers that will maximize their productivity as well as income.

· Good after-sale service: Sonalika’s after-sale services include servicing & repairs, warranty, offers, training, etc. The company is very quick with its high quality servicing facility and remains available 24X7 to prevent any kind of hassle coming in the way of the farming journey of farmers.

· Strong Network Presence: With 1000+ channel partner network, 15,000+ retail points and 375+ stockists, the company remains as close as possible to customers in addressing their requirements.

Being a farmer-centric brand, Sonalika Tractors always keeps farmer’s needs at front to make their farming more easy and comfortable with its innovative steps in the industry. The price range of its tractors are affordable for farmers and are reasonable for the features and performance they deliver.

The adoption of farm mechanization is becoming fast due to the affordable prices of tractors by Sonalika which is highly beneficial for small, marginal and large farmers.

To make the buying process easier for farmers, the company has brought more transparency in the tractor prices by showcasing the genuine price on its official website. This will provide easy access to the customers to know about the genuine price of the tractor from the company as well as the dealer's end. So, if you are in the process of buying a tractor, you must visit https://www.sonalika.com/tractor.

Horsepower (HP) in tractors refers to the engine’s power output which determines its ability to perform various farm tasks efficiently. It comes in varying ranges depending on the intensity of hardness in soil type. Sonalika's tractors are highly versatile as they can handle a wide range of farm activities such as ploughing, tilling, sowing, harvesting, etc. The horsepower of a tractor allows farmers to work with various farm implements like rotavator, harrow, cultivator, harvester, reaper, etc. In order to provide comprehensive choice in horsepower, Sonalika Tractors offers the widest 20-120 HP range in its customised tractor portfolio that allows farmers to select the best tractor as per their requirements. The tractor price varies from one tractor to another depending on the variation in the magnitude of horsepower. Sonalika is the leading brand in the more than 50 HP tractor segment and has strengthened its presence in more than 40HP segment towards achieving the leadership position.

When it comes to Sonalika’s product segmentation strategy in HP range, it has been done on the basis of the soil type of the particular state. Also, the tractors are segmented based on the needs and affordability of small, marginal and premier farmers. Other segmentation is done on For Example: For the Madhya Pradesh state, our advanced Sonalika Tiger DI-55 and Sonalika Sikander DLX 50 are best for premier farmers while Sonalika DI 734 and Power Plus (37 HP) is perfect for meeting the farm needs of small & marginal farmers.

Sonalika always remains at the forefront to upgrade its tractors with newer technology to fulfil the changing needs of farmers and this has been truly reflected in the introduction of CRDi Technology to comply with the European and American emission norms. This advanced technology has been ensured in our 'Tiger Series' which is ‘Designed in Europe’ and equipped with the CRDS engine in 55-75 HP tractors that complies with Trem Stage IV emission norms while offering high fuel efficiency to the farmers.

To know more about the HP range of Sonalika Tractors, you must visit https://www.sonalika.com/tractor

Sonalika Tractors always makes efforts to remain close with its customers and support them in best possible ways with its advanced farm solutions at every corner of India as well as international countries. Presently, the company has its 1000+ dealerships across different states of India. Such dealerships ensure easy accessibility of our technology tractors for our farmers from where they can evaluate the numerous options in the tractor range and check its performance through demonstration. This kind of convenience makes the buying process smoother for the farmers and allows them to go home with the right tractor for their farming.

Sonalika’s dealerships also facilitate customers with high quality servicing. The home servicing option is also available to keep the customers at a high level of comfort. All the servicing and the maintenance tasks are done by the well-trained service people that are capable of solving all the issue with their expertise . Also, our dealers are very good, supportive and are always happy to share some useful tips to the farmers for making their farming progressive.

To know more about the Sonalika dealership at your nearest locale, you must check https://www.sonalika.com/authorised-dealers.html

Sonalika has 1000+ dealer partner network and offers the opportunity for others to join hands as a ‘Sonalika Dealer’ partner in India. If you are planning to become a Sonalika Dealer, your first task is to check the “Become Our Dealer” page provided under the Dealer Network menu of its official website. This process is followed with the small research work that should not be missed from your side. This will let you know why you should choose this Sonalika brand for the dealership purpose. There are other ways through which you can obtain information about the process of becoming a dealer. Search the dealers that already present in your nearest place and get in touch with them to fetch the information in a more detailed manner. Also, you have the other option to connect with the company people by giving a call on their contact number provided on their official site.

To know more about Sonalika Dealer, visit https://www.sonalika.com/become-dealer.html

Yes, Sonalika is the No.1 tractor exports brand from India. This means that Sonalika Tractors has successfully managed to sell its tractors in large numbers to other countries. The company’s success as an exports brand is due to their high-quality tractors that are designed to meet the diverse needs of farmers across the globe. These tractors are equipped with advanced features and technologies that make them efficient, reliable, and easy to operate. As a result, they have gained a reputation for being one of the best tractor brands in the market.

So, whether you are a farmer in India or any other part of the world, you can trust Sonalika Tractors to provide you with a high-performance tractor that meets your specific needs. With its excellent after-sales service and support, Sonalika Tractors has become a trusted brand among farmers, contributing to the growth and development of the global agricultural sector.

Yes. Every tractor at Sonalika is manufactured in the World’s No.1 vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Being one of the leading tractor brand from India, the company has a remarkable journey since its inception in 1996. Over the years, the company has established a strong presence in the Indian tractor market and has become a trusted brand among farmers.

Sonalika Tractors has always been committed for the upliftment of farmers in India. The company's vision is “Leading Agri Evolution” that is aligned to provide farmers with technologically advanced and affordable farm solutions that can increase their productivity and income. Sonalika Tractors has a wide range of tractors that cater to the diverse needs of farmers in different regions of India.

With its variety of tractors under Tiger and Sikander Series, the company has extended its potential to ensure more precision and accuracy in the farm operations performed in different state-specific soils. Also, the company rolls out crop specific implements for the providing high level of ease in the farming right from land preparation to harvesting that promises the high crop produce as well as profitability.

Sonalika Tractors has come a long way in its journey and has made a significant contribution to the Indian agricultural sector. The company's commitment to the upliftment of farmers and its focus on innovation has helped it become a leading player in the tractor market in India.

CRDI stands for Common Rail Direct Injection, which is an advanced fuel injection technology used in modern diesel engines. It is a high-pressure fuel injection system that provides better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved engine performance. CRDI technology has been widely adopted in the automotive industry and is now being used in the agricultural sector as well, particularly in tractors.

Sonalika Tractors has been at the forefront of introducing CRDI technology in the Indian tractor market. The company has developed and launched a range of CRDI tractors that are highly fuel-efficient, powerful, and reliable. These tractors offer better torque, higher power output, and lower emissions, making them an ideal choice for farmers who need high-performance tractors for their agricultural operations.

Sonalika Tractors' CRDI engines have been designed and developed in-house, and the company has made significant investments in research and development to ensure that the technology is optimized for the agricultural ecosystem. The company's CRDI engines are known for their low noise, low vibration, and smooth operation, which make them comfortable to use for extended periods.

HDM+ (Heavy Duty Mileage Plus) is an advanced engine technology designed by Sonalika Tractors that provides high power and fuel efficiency. The HDM+ engine is a result of years of R&D, and it is one of the key features that sets Sonalika Tractors apart from its competitors. The HDM+ engine is designed to deliver high torque at low RPM which means that the engine can perform heavy-duty tasks with ease. Additionally, the engine is equipped with a high-pressure fuel injection system that optimizes fuel

combustion, resulting in lower emissions and better fuel efficiency. The HDM+ engine technology is available in different horsepower ranges, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications. The engines are designed to withstand tough operating conditions and are easy to maintain, ensuring that farmers can rely on them for efficient and long-lasting performance. HDM+ Engine technology is a testament to Sonalika Tractors' commitment to innovation and excellence. By incorporating advanced technologies such as the HDM+ engine, Sonalika Tractors has established itself as a leading tractor brand that offers high-performance, fuel-efficient, and reliable tractors to farmers across the globe.

Sonalika is one of the leading tractor manufacturers in India, and they offer a wide range of tractors that are customised to meet the specific needs of farmers in different states of India. The company has a dedicated team of engineers and designers who innovate with the deeper understanding of the farmers’ requirement in their regional soil and align all the technology features to achieve the best-of-the-best performance in the fields without any hassle. 

To customize the tractors as per state-specific farmer needs, Sonalika conducts extensive research and analysis of the farming tasks, soil conditions, and other local factors in each state. Based on this analysis, the company develops customised tractors that are equipped with features that are tailored to meet the specific needs of farmers in the specific state.

For example: For the paddy farming states, Sonalika offers tractors with specialised implements such as the Paddy Special Combine Harvester, which is designed to harvest paddy crops efficiently. Similarly, in regions with hilly terrain, Sonalika offers tractors with features such as 4WD feature to provide better traction and manoeuvrability on rough terrain.

In addition to customised tractors, Sonalika also provides good after-sales support to farmers including spare parts and service centers, to ensure that their tractors continue to perform optimally in all the conditions. Hence, Sonalika's commitment to customising tractors to meet state-specific farmer needs has helped the company establish a strong reputation among farmers across India.

Sonalika Tractors portfolio offers a wide range of tractors with varying horsepower to meet the diverse needs of farmers across India. The tractors in their portfolio can be broadly categorised into three HP ranges:

Less than 30 HP: Sonalika offers compact tractors with less than 30 HP for small-scale farming activities such as inter-cultivation, orchard farming, and haulage. These tractors are designed to provide superior performance and efficiency in confined spaces and are ideal for farmers with small landholdings. Sonalika MM-18 and Sonalika DI 730 II fall under this category.

31-45 HP: This range includes tractors with medium horsepower that are suitable for a wide range of farming applications such as plowing, tilling, planting, and harvesting. These tractors are designed to provide optimal balance between power and fuel efficiency, making them ideal for farmers with medium-sized landholdings. Sonalika DI 734 and Power Plus and Sonalika DI 35 are the tractors that come under 31-45 HP category.

46-90 HP: The high horsepower range includes tractors with 46 to 90 HP and is ideal for large-scale farming activities such as commercial farming, crop cultivation, and heavy-duty haulage. These tractors are designed to deliver exceptional power, efficiency, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. In this category, some of the premium tractors are  Sonalika DI 750 III, Sonalika DI 55, Sonalika Tiger DI 4WD CRDS and many others.

To know more about the HP range of tractors by Sonalika, you must check https://www.sonalika.com/tractor

Yes. The tractor with 60-75 HP in the “Sonalika Tiger Series” are designed with CRDI technology. Sonalika was the pioneer from India to introduce CRDI technology and currently it rolls out CRDS Tractors in its ‘Tiger Series’ that complies with Trem Stage IV emission norms as mandated by Govt. of India. This technology has been integrated in the tractor in 60-75 HP range that are ‘Designed in Europe” and are known for delivering the fastest speed of around 38-40 Km/h in the fields. Being loaded with unique features such as Powerful CRDS engine, Intelligent transmission and comfortable seats, CRDS tractors by Sonalika not only improves the comfort level of farmers but also ensures emission free and cleaner farming for the country.

As per the customer’s feedback, the overall experience of customers with Sonalika has been very satisfactory as they get good results with the technology equipped tractors in their regional soil conditions. There are three main features that majority of customers highlight while giving their feedback about the performance of tractor. Firstly, the transmission system is very efficient as it allows easy gear shifting while driving. Secondly, its hydraulics system is very strong making the tractor more versatile that allows farmers to work with multiple implements such as rotavator, cultivator, seed sower, baler and many more. The third factor is related to the comfort level that is offered by the seats and platform that are designed ergonomically and make farming more fatigue- free from the farmers and also allow them to work for longer hours.

Sonalika Tractors is a truly a game changer tractor brand in the tractor industry that currently stands tall as No.1 tractor exports brand among the competitors. The company owns World’s No.1 vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, Punjab where all its technology marvels are designed with advanced features that make them stand out against their competitors:

  • Powerful Engine: Sonalika ensures that farmers draw ample amount of power and torque that can make their farming easier and faster. All the Sonalika’s tractors are designed with HDM engine (Heavy Duty Mileage) that make them to address every farm challenges smoothly on rough and hard soil conditions.
  • Strong Hydraulics: Another main feature that makes tractors stronger is its hydraulic system. It allows farmers to work with various implements and attachments while remaining to deliver high fuel efficiency to the farmers.
  • Better Speed: For delivering the optimum speed in farming, Sonalika designs its every tractor with unique features that contribute to deliver maximum speed to ensure the fast farming experience to the farmers making it time-saving.
  • High Fuel-efficiency: Sonalika’s tractors are known for offering high fuel efficiency that provides farmers with significant savings on fuel costs. The company manufactures its tractors with fuel efficient engine that not only improves the performance of the tractor but also saves farmer’s money.

Yes, every tractor by Sonalika is equipped with a fuel efficient engine that gives more power but consumes less fuel. Such engines offer unmatched performance and are lighter on pockets due to which Sonalika’s tractors are chosen by the farmers all over the world. Fuel efficient tractors offer maximum speed and torque that also enable farmers to execute all kinds of farm jobs smoothly even on the toughest of Indian soil conditions.

For Example: Sonalika’s premium tractor - the ‘Tiger Series’ has been designed with CRDS Technology, complying with the advanced Trem Stage IV norms announced by Govt. of India. The Tiger CRDS is the best tractor that saves farmer’s expenditure on fuel purchase as well as is environment friendly.

Sonalika offers the widest range of tractors under 20-120 HP range that allows farmers to handle light to heavy farm operations with greater ease. Some of the customised tractor series are as follow:

  • Tiger Series: Sonalika offers premium tractors under Tiger Series which is “Designed in Europe” and come equipped with unique features such as HDM+ Engine, 5G hydraulics and Multi-Speed Transmission. All these features maximise the farmer productivity as well as income.
  • Sikander DLX Series: The tractors under this series offer 10 deluxe features that ensure unmatched performance. Such advanced features are highest in the category such as Powerful Engine, Precise Lift, High Speed and High Fuel Efficiency. Also, it has deluxe style with LED DRL Headlight, LED Tail Light, Pro+ Bumper, Deluxe Seat, Ergo Steering and Metallic Paint.
  • State-specific tractors: Driven by its analysis of the soil pattern of states, Sonalika rolls out Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra), Mahabali (for Telangana) and Maharaja (for Rajasthan). The expertise of such tractors in the respective states makes the farmers progressive with increased crop produce and income.

The lift capacity of a tractor refers to the maximum weight that the hydraulic system can lift at the hitch point, and it does not necessarily indicate the maximum weight that the tractor can pull or carry. The lift capacity also depends on factors such as the weight distribution of the load and the tractor's stability. Depending on the tractor models, the specification of lift capacity varies among the segments. Every tractor of Sonalika has been designed with strong lift capacity that allows farmers easy operation of implements such as rotavator, cultivator, harrow, seed sower, etc. While ensuring high lift capacity, the fuel economy is also one of the top benefits that comes with the Sonalika’s widest tractor portfolio under 20-120 HP range.

The premium Sonalika Tiger Series is ‘Designed in Europe’ with advanced features such as –

  • HDM+ ENGINE: The Heavy Duty Mileage (HDM) engines in the Sonalika Tiger Series make farm tasks easier with their high torque, power and mileage. Also, it is known as India’s fastest tractor as it delivers top speed of 39 Km/h making farming more efficient for the farmers. Sonalika also has designed Tiger Series with CRDS technology, in its 60-75 HP range of tractors, making them TREM Stage IV compliant.
  • 4D AIR COOLING: Sonalika Tiger Series comes with a Four Dimensional Air Cooling System that prevents the engine from the overheating and increase its efficiency for longer hours. This special feature keeps the temperature in a stable condition and provides a safe driving experience.
  • 5G HYDRAULICS: The advanced 5G Hydraulics in Sonalika Tiger CRDS offers superior lift capacity which are strong enough to power number of implements, thereby making farming easier.
  • LONG SERVICE INTERVAL of 500 hours: Sonalika’s Tiger Series needs servicing at 500 hour intervals. This unique feature saves the time and extra efforts required during frequent servicing. With less maintenance cost, Sonalika with its Tiger Series ensures optimal performance and ease to the farmers.

Sonalika DLX Series comes packed with unique features that include 10 deluxe features:

  • 1. Powerful Engine: Sonalika DLX comes equipped with a powerful engine that offers fast movement and pickup during farming activities.
  • 2. Precise Lift: Its Exso Sensing high lift capacity allows farmers to work with various implements such as rotavator, harrow, cultivator, seed sower, etc.
  • 3. High Speed: High speed during farming ensures farmers to cover the large land area in less hours.
  • 4. High Fuel Efficiency: The powerful engine in Sonalika DLX series delivers high end performance while continuing to offer high fuel efficiency.
  • 5. LED DRL Headlight:  Unique type of headlights provide better visibility that allows all users to see your vehicle in a better way.
  • 6. LED Tail Light: These lights are long lasting and offer proper lighting to indicate your presence to the other drivers.
  • 7. Pro+ Bumper: Its pro bumper provides the tractor strong stability on the hard soil conditions.
  • 8. Deluxe Seat: The comfort is ensured in the deluxe seat as it provides optimum space that allows the driver to drive without any fatigue.
  • 9. Ergo Steering: This feature in the tractor ensures farmers to do their farming effectively with a high level of comfort.
  • 10. Metallic Paint: The external structure of the tractor furnished with metallic paint that enhances the outer look of the tractor and also provides strong protection from any scratch.

Sonalika manufactures superior tractors in 20-120 range and Sonalika Tiger and Sonalika Sikander DLX both are advanced & premium tractors by the company. They both are powerful to make farming more productive and economical for farmers. Depending on your farm need and applications, you must analyse both of the series and pick out the one which can fulfil your needs in the existing soil condition of your locations.

Sonalika's Tiger Series offers premium tractors that are "Designed in Europe" and are equipped with advanced technology features such as HDM Engine, 5G hydraulics, and Multi-Speed Transmission. Such tractors also known as India’s fastest tractor in its category that makes farming easy with higher land coverage and ensures high profitability to the farmers.

On the other hand, the Sonalika Sikander DLX Series tractors are packed with 10 deluxe features that provide unparalleled performance. These advanced features are the most superior in their category and include a Powerful Engine, Precise Lift, High Speed, and High Fuel Efficiency. Additionally, the Sikander DLX Series tractors have a deluxe style with LED DRL Headlights, LED Tail Lights, Pro+ Bumper, Deluxe Seats, Ergo Steering and Metallic Paint.

Sonalika Sikander Series offers tractors with best-in-class features such as:

  • Powerful engine: Every tractor in Sikander Series comes equipped with a powerful engine that deliver more power to operate heavy agriculture implements and haulage work.
  • Highest Backup & Maximum Torque: Sikander DLX Series by Sonalika saves more fuel as it ensures zero RPM drop even during the heavy applications.
  • Best Speed Combination: Its speed is very fast and has multiple gear options that allow larger area coverage in less hours, thereby, offers better productivity per hour during farming.
  • Best Lifting Capacity: Sonalika Sikander DLX tractors come with strong lifting capacity that boost farmer’s confidence for lifting heavy loads in the farming.
  • Heavy Duty parts: All the tractor parts in Sikander DLX Series are robust and therefore the tractor has low maintenance and offer more savings to the farmers.

Autotrac Finance Limited (AFL) is a NonBanking Finance Corporation and a 100% subsidiary of ITL that has been set up to provide financial assistance to farmers, vendors & dealers for purchasing assets. The company offers wholesale finance and retail funding also.

The wholesale finance is offered to dealers and vendors while the retail funding is meant for farmers. Dealers are provided with cash at the right time for their business growth. Ensuring smooth growth of their business, the company offers them credit free periods from their cash flow needs and also short-term unsecured finance is an additional option for dealers. The wholesale finance is also offered for the vendor funding. The working capital is being provided to manufacturers and service providers of ITL and the loan is made available with flexible and innovative structures & repayment options.

Being a farmer centric brand, the company understands every little needs of farmers and provides easy lending options under Retail Funding to the farmers. For promoting faster adoption of farm mechanisation among the farmers, the “Agro Solutions” app has been introduced for easy renting of implements for the farmers.

Partnership of AFL with various banks strengthens the company to redefine the convenience of the individuals and make their ways towards success as well as prosperity. Recently, AFL partnered with the Axis Bank through Yubi Co. Lend

Platform that will offer “New Tractor Loans” for the farmers from rural areas of the country.For more details, you can visit  https://www.sonalika.com/afl- finance.

Sonalika Tractors understands every critical need of farmers and makes efforts to bridge the gap between farmers and farm mechanisation. With its vision “Leading Agri Evolution”, the company continues to introduce new ways to bring progress in the agriculture sector. With its incredible season and festival centric offers & discounts, the company continues to ensure farmer delight with abundance prosperity in their fields. To know more about the current offers by Sonalika Tractors, we advise you to visit the official website or call at our toll free number.

Sonalika Tractors is the frontrunner to empower farmers with all the farm machinery that are required in the farming. While empowering the farmers to address the farm challenges with technology tractors, Sonalika is also known for its best after-sale services in the farmer’s areas that are reachable for them. With its 3x2 service promise, Sonalika technician reaches the customer's doorstep within 3 hours of complaint and the problem is rectified within 2 days. If we talk about the warranty limit on the Sonalika’s tractors, it varies from model to model. To know more about the warranty, you can visit our official website or call Toll Free No.1800 102 1011.

Knowing the exact tractor price is the biggest dilemma of almost every farmer. In order to solve this, Sonalika has displayed every tractor price on its official site which has happened for the first time in the entire tractor industry. You can now view the list of the customised tractors segmented under less than 30HP, 31-45 HP and 46-90 HP range. Also, you can compare one tractor from another on the basis of features, specifications and price provided on the same page. It has been easier for the farmers to know the tractor price while sitting at home, make wise decisions with clear analysis and finally, bring home their favourite tractor with hassle-free buying process. From buying a tractor to using it in the specific farm task, Sonalika Tractors extends its every effort to ensure a high level of convenience in the lives of farmers across the world.


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