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A belief to go beyond agri mechanization, which has the power to impact lives and bring farm prosperity. India’s one of the leading tractor brand & No.1 exports brand from the country, Sonalika is on a transformative journey to emerge as a mega agri brand with a vision of leading agri evolution. The brand continues to innovate across the agri value chain by catering the farmer’s need with its budget tractor range as well as premium tractor range with its footprint in:

  • Farm Mechanization- Manufacturing 20 -120HP technologically superior range of Heavy-duty budget tractors and premium tractors.
  • Agro Solutions- Diverse range of Crop Centric agri Implements
  • AFL Finance- Deliver financing solutions to Business Partners to realize their potential
  • Agri Incubation- Identify and finance innovative agri technologies
  • CSR Initiatives- Bring a positive change in society with initiatives supporting Women, Children and Farming Communities
  • Farm to Fork- Bridge the gap from farm to market through processed agri output

Sonalika, a leading tractor company with presence in more than 130+ countries, caters to the global demands of agri mechanization through its World No.1 Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. These heavy-duty products have enabled the brand to stand firm as a No.1 exports brand from India while winning the hearts of over 11 lakh farmers globally.

With an endeavor to provide the best of technology to farmers, Sonalika tractor has been felicitated with various recognitions and accolades including Global Agriculture Leadership Award as well as the Innovative Leadership Award. Looking at the company’s growth and efforts, it has been chosen by the Govt. of India to be an integral part of NITI Aayog for doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

Mr. Lachman Dass Mittal
Chairman, Sonalika Group

Mr. L.D. Mittal is the founder & Chairman of Sonalika Group, a prominent player in the global agriculture sector.

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Dr. Amrit Sagar Mittal
Vice Chairman, Sonalika Group

Dr. A.S. Mittal, a well-known agriculture business industrialist, is spearheading the Sonalika Group as its Vice Chairman.

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Dr. Deepak Mittal
Managing Director, Sonalika Group

Dr. Deepak Mittal is the Managing Director of Sonalika group of companies & a relentless force behind it to become one of the renowned

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Mr. Raman Mittal
Joint Managing Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Raman Mittal is the Joint Managing Director representing the dynamic face of Sonalika Group and Youth Business Leadership in the country.

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Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal
Executive Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal is the driving force of International Tractors Limited to stand strong as No.1 tractor brand in 4 countries...

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Mr. Rahul Mittal
Executive Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Rahul Mittal is the Executive Director of Sonalika Group, his business acumen has positioned the brand as one of the few companies...

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Our Vision

Sonalika ITL’s vision is to become the world’s leading tractor manufacturing and farm mechanization Company. To be the best in customer satisfaction by being customer-focused and aligning systems and processes that develop and deliver high quality innovative budget tractors, premium tractors & agri products at a competitive price.

Core Values

Sonalika ITL is committed to its core values to serve the farming community with passion and deliver quality. The tractor company strives to build a relationship based on trust and promotes teamwork and innovation among its employees.


Since its inception in 1996, Sonalika ITL has come a long way to become the one of the leading tractor brand with presence in over 130 countries. Owing to its customer-centric approach, Sonalika has registered as a tractor company which has achieved success globally through sheer dedication towards serving farmers and making their lives easier. Sonalika understands the needs of the farmers and provides them with customized farm mechanization solutions. We are driven by the zeal to try newer ideas to meet the emerging demands in agriculture and improving the lives of the farmers.

More than 65 Skill Development Training Centers have been set up across the country to provide farmers training opportunities on proper usage of Sonalika tractors and farm implements.

We are driven by the values of Our Competency

  • Thinking out of the box.
  • Finding new avenues for market penetration
  • Providing budget tractors with tailor-made farm mechanization solutions
  • Practicing new ideas
  • Understanding farmers and their needs
  • Understanding farmers and their needs
  • Attention to details

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