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About Us

'Videshon ko Sabse Zyada Export Hone wala tractor brand, Sonalika Tractors is currently the No.1 tractor exports brand from India. It is also the 3rd largest tractor manufacturer in the country as well as stands proudly among the top 5 tractor manufacturers around the world. Incorporated in 1996 with farmer centricity at its core DNA, the company manufactures customised tractors and implements which are developed as per region as well as application centric requirements of farmers. Sonalika takes pride in -

  • Being associated with 15 lakh+ customers across 150 countries around the world.
  • Manufacturing the customised and widest heavy duty tractor range in 20-120 HP and 70+ implements for the world.
  • Owning the World’s largest tractor manufacturing facility at Hoshiarpur in Punjab that caters to the varied needs of customers across the globe.
  • Clocking its highest ever annual overall market share of 15.3% in FY'24 and biggest ever 1,51,160  overall annual tractor sales in FY’23.
  • 1000+ channel partner network, 15,000+ retail points and 375+ stockists, the company remains as close as possible to customers in addressing their requirements.
  • Being the only tractor brand chosen by Govt. of India to contribute for the inspirational project of Niti-Aayog to double the farmer’s income in the country.
  • Clocking over 1 lakh tractor sales consistently for 7 years (FY’18 – FY’24) and recorded highest annual growth of 41.6% in the domestic market during challenging Covid-19 times (FY’21), which was significantly higher than overall industry growth of 26.7%.
  • The company has also taken a quantum leap in the tractor industry by revealing its entire heavy duty tractor range price on its official website to ensure transparency in tractor buying process for farmers.

No.1 Exports Brand from India

Sonalika’s vision is to ‘Lead Agri Evolution’ by pioneering innovation and technology in the agri ecosystem. Being the No. 1 Exports brand from India, Sonalika is proudly associated with over 2.75 lakh customers (as per figures in FY'24) in markets outside India, which is a true sign of high acceptability of an Indian brand across 150 countries.

  • Every 3rd tractor exported from India is rolled out from Sonalika’s Hoshiarpur facility. The company holds an unassailable 34.4% market share as export leadership with a large margin over the competitor at No. 2 position.
  • Clocked unprecedented feat of selling more than 35,000 tractor exports two year in a row (FY'22 and FY'23), a feat that remains a distant dream for all leading industry players
  • It is also the No.1 farmer choice in Hungary, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Czech Republic as well as leads in countries like Belgium and France.
  • Having a dynamic 100% presence across all European countries, Sonalika tractors are successfully operated by thousands of satisfied customers in diversified European conditions.
  • Sonalika has also set up a spare parts centre in Germany that caters to the regional requirements with an aim to provide better service and customer satisfaction.

No.1 Heavy Duty Customised Crop Solutions

As the farm mechanisation expert, Sonalika always keeps farmers at the front and centre of any new development – be it product or service – so that they continue to progress towards a prosperous future. The company continues to deliver on its promises as -

  • Sonalika’s customised tractor portfolio is equipped with HDM efficient engines that deliver higher power output and remain affordable with low maintenance for better total cost of ownership and experience.
  • Sonalika Agro Solutions offers a wide range of heavy duty implements to address various stages of crop cycle ranging from land preparation to post harvesting operations including crop residue management.
  • The company has introduced ‘Agro Solutions’ app for easy renting of requisite machinery to farmers, thereby promoting farm mechanization in the country.
  • Sonalika has also forayed into Custom Hiring Centres, a platform that offers small and marginal farmers an access to advanced agri machinery on rent, thereby aims to increase farm output in a cost effective way.
  • Sonalika is the leading brand in more than 50 HP tractor segment and has strengthened its presence in more than 40HP segment towards achieving the leadership position.

About the World No. 1 plant

The World’s No.1 vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant at Hoshiarpur, Punjab is a pride of Sonalika Tractors. The facility is fully equipped to manufacture almost every element in-house which goes in the making of a tractor. It is powered by advanced robots as well as automation to maintain highest quality standards in the company’s product portfolio. Sonalika also has assembly plants in Algeria, Brazil, Cameroon and Turkey for wider reach across the world.

More About Sonalika

Sonalika Tractors is committed for farm prosperity and therefore, the brand continues to innovate across the agri value chain under –

  • CSR Initiatives- Bring a positive change in society with initiatives supporting overall development of the society including women, children and farming communities.
  • AFL Finance- Deliver financing solutions to Business Partners to realize their true business potential.
  • Agri Newgen- Identify innovative agri technologies and handhold such companies that will drive farmers towards a better tomorrow.
  • Farm to Fork- Bridge the gap from farm to market through processed agri output.

Sonalika has bagged the ‘Iconic Brand of the Year’ award by ‘The Economic Times’ 3 years in a row (2017-2019), ‘Most Trusted Brand’ 2021 and ‘Global Innovations Leadership Award’ by Agriculture Today in 2018 & 2019. Sonalika Vice Chairman, Dr. A.S. Mittal has been felicitated with the ‘Business Leader of The Year 2018-2019’ award by BTVi.

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Mr. Lachman Dass Mittal
Chairman, Sonalika Group

Mr. L.D. Mittal is the founder & Chairman of Sonalika Group, a prominent player in the global agriculture sector.

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Dr. Amrit Sagar Mittal
Vice Chairman, Sonalika Group

Dr. A.S. Mittal, a well-known agriculture business industrialist, is spearheading the Sonalika Group as its Vice Chairman.

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Dr. Deepak Mittal
Managing Director, Sonalika Group

Dr. Deepak Mittal is the Managing Director of Sonalika group of companies & a relentless force behind it to become one of the renowned

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Mr. Raman Mittal
Joint Managing Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Raman Mittal is the Joint Managing Director representing the dynamic face of Sonalika Group and Youth Business Leadership in the country.

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Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal
Executive Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Sushant Sagar Mittal is the driving force of International Tractors Limited to stand strong as No.1 tractor brand in 4 countries...

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Mr. Rahul Mittal
Executive Director, Sonalika Group

Mr. Rahul Mittal is the Executive Director of Sonalika Group, his business acumen has positioned the brand as one of the few companies...

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Our Vision

Sonalika ITL’s vision is to become the world’s leading tractor manufacturing and farm mechanization Company. To be the best in customer satisfaction by being customer-focused and aligning systems and processes that develop and deliver high quality innovative budget tractors, premium tractors & agri products at a competitive price.

Core Values

Sonalika ITL is committed to its core values to serve the farming community with passion and deliver quality. The tractor company strives to build a relationship based on trust and promotes teamwork and innovation among its employees.


Since its inception in 1996, Sonalika ITL has come a long way to become the one of the leading tractor brand with presence in over 150 countries. Owing to its customer-centric approach, Sonalika has registered as a tractor company which has achieved success globally through sheer dedication towards serving farmers and making their lives easier. Sonalika understands the needs of the farmers and provides them with customized farm mechanization solutions. We are driven by the zeal to try newer ideas to meet the emerging demands in agriculture and improving the lives of the farmers.

More than 65 Skill Development Training Centers have been set up across the country to provide farmers training opportunities on proper usage of Sonalika tractors and farm implements.

We are driven by the values of Our Competency

  • Thinking out of the box.
  • Finding new avenues for market penetration
  • Providing budget tractors with tailor-made farm mechanization solutions
  • Practicing new ideas
  • Understanding farmers and their needs
  • Understanding farmers and their needs
  • Attention to details

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