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About AFL

  • Autotrac Finance Limited (AFL) is a Non Banking Finance Company registered Under Companies Act and with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as Non Deposit Taking NBFC.
  • AFL is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Tractors Limited (ITL) incorporated in July 2001.
  • AFL got Licence from RBI on 2nd August 2018 to operate non deposit taking non banking finance company (NBFC-ND) and started its operations in 2018.
  • AFL has been formed to deliver financing solutions to Rural Customers through innovative products and services.


To empower our customers to acquire latest farm equipment enabling higher income levels.



Offering simple financial products to rural customers which are affordable, transparent and is delivered by cutting edge technology.


Core values

  • Innovation in every STEP
  • Customer is always in FOCUS
  • Transparency which brings FAITH
  • Care Respect Honesty

1. Wholesale finance –Dealer Funding

We provide Inventory funding facility to our dealers. We are helping our Dealers by providing cash at the right time to grow their business. We provide credit free period for their cash flow needs and ensures smooth running and continuous growth of their business. They can avail short-term unsecured finance to meet the seasonal demands. The dealer funding process is very simple ,quick and hassle free with easy documentation. Currently we are financing tractors for both the brand of ITL , Sonalika and Solis.

2. Wholesale finance –Vendor Funding

We provide working capital for manufacturer and service providers of ITL .The loan process is very simple , easy and quick. We provide loan with flexible and innovative structures & repayment options.

3. Retail Funding – Tractor Finance

Tractor is a mark of prosperity for rural households. We help our farmers in owning a tractor. We provide easy lending option, we assure every customer of best deals. We provide customized payments schedule matching the crop pattern. So when it comes to harvest more, our customers will be surely happy with all the benefits.

4. Features of Retail Funding-Sonalika Tractors

  • Financing on Sonalika brand of tractors
  • Convenient and flexible repayment structures
  • Customised loans for customers with different size of land holdings
  • Attractive interest rate & schemes to suit customer needs
  • Technology-driven transparent processes
  • Customised repayment option based on harvesting patterns
  • Faster sanction and disbursement of loan
  • Multiple modes of repayment
  • Simple documentation
  • Stress-free loan sanction without mortgaging of land.

5. Criteria for Retail Loan

  • The applicant has to be over the age of 18 years.
  • The maximum age of the loan applicant, as on the date of funding, should be 60 years.
  • Customised loans for customers with different size of land holdings
  • To avail this loan, the vehicle that is purchased on loan will have to be hypothecated to the lender.
  • Agriculture income will be considered if you are a farmer applying for this loan product
  • Commercial Income will be considered if you are a non-farmer applying for this loan product

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