Amandeep Kaur

Sangrur, Punjab

Sonalika DI 75 tractor is a customized tractor for farming in Punjab and is designed with a turbocharged bigger engine that delivers superior performance during field as well as haulage operations. It is easy to maintain as spares are easily available as well as affordable. Click Here

Birendra Singh

Patna, Bihar

Sonalika Tractors has powered me to perform challenging tasks such as bricks and gravel transportation with ease. Its tractors are fully loaded with advanced technologies, powerful tractors, and have a higher resale value which also makes Sonalika a preferred brand for tractors. Click Here

Raj Kumar Soni

Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

The HDM engine of my RX 50 Sikander delivers superior performance during wheat, masur and chana cultivation. It operates heavy agriculture equipment with ease and performs equally well during haulage work. Click Here

Pappu Gurjar

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Sonalika tractors are customised as per Rajasthan’s soil and crop specific need. They offer high uptime even in dusty environment. My family and I trust Sonalika DI 740 III which is occupied with superior EXSO sensing hydraulic that delivers a uniform depth of cut during soil preparation, best suited for the soil in Rajasthan. Now, for all our farm or haulage work, Tractor Matlab Sonalika!. Click Here

Mrs. Ranjana Bhagwat Jadhav

Nashik, Maharashtra

We bought Sonalika Chhatrapati Tractor last year which is customised as per our farmer's requirements in Maharashtra region and makes me feel powerful with its high power as well as extraordinary. Click Here

Harveer Singh

Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

These tractors have been designed keeping in mind the interest of the farmers and good farming, which boosts our confidence. We are so happy with its performance that now we only use Sonalika Tractors in our fields. The Sonalika Sikander DI 750 III performs very well under all circumstances. It takes 20% less fuel and is also economical to maintain. Click Here

Ram Babu

Nalgonda, Telangana

Sonalika Mahabali has a 5th gear for both forward and reverse operation. This has enabled me to operate faster on the field without feeling tired, even with full cage wheel puddling. I feel as powerful as the Mahabali on the field!. Click Here

Gyanendra Bainsala

Palwal, Haryana

The DI 750 Sikander is a well-balanced tractor designed with superior hydraulics to ensure uniform field depth during wheat, rice, and jowar cultivation. There is no lifting of tractors from the front during heavy haulage, thus allows for better control even on bad roads. Click Here


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