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The COVID- 19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world in recent times.
As a company driven by purpose, Sonalika takes the responsibility and takes initiatives
for Covid-19.
We have amplified our efforts across these areas:

Covid Care Medical Support Extended financial support of up to Rs 2 lakhs for farmers

The testing times of Covid-19 pandemic created havoc during the 2nd wave earlier this year. Sonalika Tractors remained committed to support the farmer community as we feel that everyone’s health is of prime importance. We extended ‘Covid Care Medical Support’ of Rs 2,00,000 for farmers as we believe they are an important part of our family.

Sonalika’s Customer-First Approach Extended primary warranty by 2 months for existing customers

Sonalika Tractors announced that for all its customers whose tractor warranty was expiring during the period 1st May to 30th June, 2021, the company extended primary warranty by 2 months from the date of expiry, considering the pandemic creating challenges on mobility across markets and ensure peace of mind for farmers.

Supporting Dealer’s Employees Extended support to its dealer’s employees to win the fight against Covid-19

Giving extreme importance to the health and wellbeing of its channel partner’s employees, Sonalika Group assured financial support of up to Rs. 2 lakhs as well as medical expense assistance of up to Rs 25,000 to anyone in its dealer’s workforce, depending on severity of Covid-19 cases. This was in addition to other schemes that were already in force to cover kids of dealer’s employees for medical assistance & education of up to Rs. 50000/annually (under the Tiger club scheme)

Get Vaccinated to fight against Covid-19 Let’s prepare ourselves better with vaccination to win the Covid-19 battle

Under the fully sponsored drive by the company, all of Sonalika’s family members - be it employees, channel partners and their teams – got vaccinated by the end of May’21 with the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccination drive will continue until the company administers second dose of the workforce as per government policies and fully ensures their health safety. We urge you all to get vaccinated at the earliest and let’s be prepared to face such problems, if any, arising in the future.

Supporting Frontline Workers Sonalika salutes all the frontline workers for working selflessly to protect humanity

Frontline workers have been working selflessly and tirelessly to protect us from Covid-19 pandemic since the 1st wave last year and we must ensure the safety of these frontline workers. We provided PPE kits to the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee for frontline workers, who were taking care of patients at Covid Care Centre, Rakabganj Gurudwara, New Delhi.

Safeguarding Humanity Jointly established oxygen plant at St Stephen Hospital, New Delhi

Sonalika jointly set up PSA oxygen plant at St Stephen’s hospital to ensure constant oxygen supply for the needy patients. This was in addition to the Covid-19 isolation ward set up last year by Sonalika at the hospital, along with other support measures cumulatively amounting to Rs 1.6 crores. The company also donated 2 PSA oxygen plants at the District Hospital, Mohali for regular availability of oxygen and further boost the state government’s effort to fight back Covid-19. Additionally, we also supported Red Cross Society, Ropar with oxygen concentrate worth Rs 40 lakhs.

Set up of Isolation Centres Distributed 50,000+ Surgical gloves

Set up of an Isolation Centre at St. Stephen Hospital, Delhi and Narad Hospital, Hoshiarpur. This isolation centre is well equipped with Ventilators, Medical Gas Pipelines and other necessary equipments. We are also helping the Healthcare professionals by providing them Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and sanitizing hospital campus on daily basis. We have distributed 50,000 surgical gloves to St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi. We have provided 100 PPE kits and installed a sanitizer tunnel at Civil Hospital, Hoshiarpur.

1,03,000 Cooked Meals Serving the community

With the support of our on ground partners we have reached out to 1,03,000 people by providing them Cooked Meals, Food and Hygiene Kits..

Food Packets and Safety Essentials for villages and slums areas

We have distributed 700 food & hygiene kits for slum dwellers in Arjun Camp, Mahipalpur and supported 400 families living in the slums of Noor Nagar. More than 87,000 food packets were distributed in slums and the border areas of Delhi NCR by us. Additionally, we have distributed food and hygiene kits in the remote villages of Barmer & Sikar of Rajasthan and Rewa & Satna of Madhya Pradesh. These kits will help daily wage and migrant workers. In Hoshiarpur we helped more than 66,500 people by providing food kits during lockdown.

Voluntary Contribution 712 members of Sonalika Family

712 members of Sonalika Family who have voluntarily contributed for the cause which has brought smiles to 58,000 people who were finding difficulties to manage their food due to lockdowns.

Advanced Ventilators Sonalika Group is offering advanced ventilator

Sonalika Group is offering advanced ventilator systems for a united fight against Covid-19. The ventilators are designed to meet variable mode requirements and are self- reliant for use outside an ICU.

Covid Testing Mobile Van Sonalika in collaboration with Delhi Government

Sonalika in collaboration with Delhi Government came with an innovative Covid testing solution. We have converted a CRPF bus into a mobile testing facility with the potential to test 6000 patients monthly..

Sanitization Drive

Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in different states
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in different states.
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in Gujarat
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in Ludhiana
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in Chennai
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in Maharashtra
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in Madhya Pradesh
Sonalika Tractors waging the war against Covid-19 in New Delhi

People - First warranty Extended.


Extension of warranty on tractors by 3 months, for all our existing customers whose warranty is scheduled to lapse in the period of March-May'20. Maintenance services scheduled during this period are also been taken care of.


Standby tractors being offered by our dealers across different locations on first come first basis to help the farming community in this crucial time.

1. Full wages to all contractual workmen, ad hoc staff, apprentices, and trainees all across our plants, businesses and offices.
2. Advance salary of 20 days for March 2020 to all employees.
3. Financial assistance to all employees and their families towards any unforeseen medical expenses related to the pandemic.

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