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Sonalika tractor portfolio is customised as per the needs of farmer and equipped with efficient engines which give higher power output and remain affordable with low maintenance for better total cost of ownership and experience.

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MM is the new face of power & mileage, best suited for haulage and farm operations

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  • 18-20 HP Category
  • 54Nm High torque with 863.5 cc Powerful HDM Engine
  • OIB Brakes
  • Faster coverage with Max speed 28.21 km/h
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DI 32 Baagban

The most preferred garden tractor best suited with spraying application along with rotavator, cultivator & haulage

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  • 32 HP Category
  • ADDC Hydraulics with 1336 kg lift capacity
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DI 30 Baagban

The most preferred garden tractor best suited with spraying application along with rotavator, cultivator & haulage

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  • 30 HP Category
  • ADDC Hydraulics with 1000 kg lift capacity
  • 1.06m width – Best Suitable for orchards & vineyards
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Tiger Electric


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  • E-Trac is ECO Friendly
  • No Heat Transfer from Engine
  • Less Noisy and Less Vibration
  • No RPM drop making easy and convenient

About us

Sonalika Tractors is a one the youngest and fastest growing tractor brand that has now become the preferred choice of every Indian farmer. With a focused approach to serve the farming community, Sonalika tractors have become one of the leading tractor brand and gained the trust of more than 12 Lakh farmers through its innovative range of new tractors and agri solutions. Sonalika Tractors are considered as the best-in-class technologically advance tractors which have a dynamic combination of stylish design, superior features and heavy duty power. Superior technology is used for the tractor’s maintenance, to check the durability, and to offer reasonable rates.


Agro Solutions Manufacturing Plant

World's No.1 Heavy Duty Tractor Range (20-120HP)


No.1 In Exports (Over 130 Countries)

Why Sonalika

Sonalika, a leading tractor company with presence in more than 130+ countries, caters to the global demands of agri mechanization through its World No.1 Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. These heavy-duty products have enabled the brand to stand firm as a No.1 exports brand from India.

With an endeavor to provide the best of technology to farmers, Sonalika tractor has been felicitated with various recognitions and accolades including Global Agriculture Leadership Award as well as the Innovative Leadership Award. Looking at the company’s growth and efforts, it has been chosen by the Govt. of India to be an integral part of NITI Aayog for doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

No 1 in exports

Advanced Farming Technology


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